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Read "Knowledge", wigs have little effect on the value of Zhao Liying – trouble-free information

I said earlier that at the end of the year, entertainment stars are in a hurry to the show, I did not expect the film industry to admit defeat. Because "Great Rivers and Rivers" achieved good results, another big drama IP appeared at noon ~ Yes, it's all who can not wait, "I know if it should be green, thick and thin".

The concert took place on the evening of 25th Christmas, four episodes were played until the fourth day, and the current marks are not bad.

This is Zhao Liying's second big drama this year and it is still the first show after marriage with Feng Shaofeng. According to this assessment, Zhao Liying will be the queen of this year's ratings.

There are a total of 73 episodes of "Knowledge" (do not be afraid not to be scared, Xiao thinks that this episode is a bit scary) and is currently only updated to the fourth episode. First, let's come with a small one to understand the product.

"Knowledge" is a novel of the same name that has been adapted from the chaos of anxiety, and the original novel concerns civil servant Yao Yiyi, who passed through a mud avalanche and became the sixth Miss Sheng Minglan born in Shengfu. After the antiquity Yao Yiyi (also known as the dramatic version of Sheng Minglan) initially was negative, but under the pressure of all Yao Yiyi finally began to stand on their own feet.

The novel "Knowledge" is particularly popular among readers and has always been considered a classical land domain.

In ancient times there is a palace, the "Dajiang River" has fighting villages and factories, "Knowledge" came to the house, it seems that everyone is very interested in "fighting."

The dramatic version of "Knowledge" removes the transition element and directly tells the story of Shen Minglan. It tells the story of growth, love and marriage through the bureaucratic family girl Minglan. Sheng Minglan has been transformed into a legend of the struggle for inspiring women in the family home, within the framework of the ancient ethics system, which is roughly in line with the main theme of the novel.

The first episode began when Ming Lan was a child, her mother Wei Xiaoniang was three-bedroom, and her position in the family was the lowest, even the charcoal that was burned in the winter was subtracted.

Although the grand wife of the house, Wang Da Niangzi, has the highest status in the family, but the other room Lin Xiao Niang has the deepest heart, and she really likes the master, and the key to the card is also in her hands. Three-room fire for charcoal and food is a deduction from two rooms, but Wei Xiaoniang knows the danger of home and always refuses, even if she is pregnant, she will do her best.

I did not expect that the charcoal I wanted to come was not intended for heating. To make everyone feel good, Wei Xiaoniang decided to take her own dowry and take it off. Xiao Minglan refused to remove and suggested using these carbon blocks for cooking in order to be exchanged for charcoal.

It can be seen that at that time, even if he was married to a rich family and pregnant, he would be unjustly treated as a beggar.

On the same day, Yuan Jiate, the count of Tokyo Zhongqin, came to employ Shenglan, the eldest daughter of Hualan, but the pair count Yuan Jia did not personally come to Yangzhou to recruit, but only sent the eldest son Yuan Wenchun.

They all look at the boy who knows the circle: he is Gu Tingyu (that is, when Feng Shaofeng plays as a child) and suddenly thinks he is a Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Ok, let's get to the point and let me know what to do.

The singer Shengjia Scorpion, Changfeng, is ignorant, and the white scorpion is more likely to lose the dowry than the caster.

Unexpectedly, Minglan mastered the pot and stood up, defeated the day and saved the spouse for his sister.

Later on, when Ming Lan sent something to his father, he begged my father to look at Wei Xiaoniang.

Sheng later went to Wei Xiaoniang, waiting to feel that it was a little cold in Wei Xiaoneng's home, Wei Xiaoniang began to convince him to go home, trying to avoid the lack of carbon at home. However, Minglan was very distraught by her mother, and she cried to her father and said that there was no charcoal fire at home.

Ming Lan then told Sheng Sheng that they were detained yesterday.

Ming Lan also told Sheng Sheng that she often lacks food, but Wei Xiaoniang hid her own troubles.

Sheng Hao immediately went to Lin Xiaoniang's question, and Lin Xiaoniang argued that she had never stopped Wei Xiaoniang.

Lin Xiaoniang, who is near Lin Xiaoniang, also said she would use her own money to give her two or two bird nests every month to take care of Wei Xiaonianhem.

Lin Xiaonian regrets, little understanding, almost everyone believes.

Sheng Sheng sent a thorough investigation and found that the deduced examples were hidden in the personal peace of Lin Xiaoniang Xiaodie.

Wei Xiaoniang argued for Xiaodie, but Shengyu did not believe that Wei Xiaoniang knew that someone deliberately bound him and could only ask Shen and Wang to stay in Xiaodie. Sheng Sheng did not want to do big things, he took out Xiaodie.

Unexpectedly, when the Sheng family case was not treated well, it was suddenly reported that Sheng Changbai was beaten.

Sheng Sheng reported that Yuan Wenchun saw adults and begged to find the missing white because he is the second son of Ningyuan Houfu in Tokyo, Gu Tingyi, changed his name to Bail for the convenience of the road!

When the adults heard that name, they became alarmed, they immediately closed the city, even if they turned Yangzhou, they would find Gu Tingyu!

Lin Xiaoniang got scared and asked the doctor to come and ask the doctor to take a look at the defensive woman, and if something is wrong, tell her that she will not be afraid to scare the protector.

Lin Xiaoniang summons two more scorpions to Wei Niangzi to send her past, saying she went to Wei Xiaoniang, where she is, and can not be three or four years old, the master and the servant look, but everyone understands each other.

This house is not lost to the palace, and I just feel more and more exciting.

The next day, Yangzhou City began searching and arresting on a large scale, but Gu Tingyi did not notice half his hair. Soon after, I found the body of Gu Tingxi, saying it was a long time to distinguish it, but there was a symbol in it and he fought underwater.

On the day of the White House's death, Gu Ting took a jute outfit and appeared with his grandfather, the white grandfather, that he gave the family back with his own hands.

Baiting had previously insisted that the white old man make him the successor, and both sides argued that the two adults must buy a personal letter from Bai Laotai and Gu Tingjun to identify with the letter.

After Gu Tingzhuo continued to issue a letter that a dead mother accused Baiting, pre-empting family property, several people had already been removed from this genealogy and everyone recognized the identity of Gu Tingjun.

Both Sheng and Sheng Sheng were outside, Wei Xiaoniang always wanted to let Ming Lan go to the old lady to serve, but Ming Lan did not want to leave A Niang, they both had a dispute, and Wei Xiaoniang suddenly got angry. I have to be born.

Lin Xiaoniang picked up the message and ran, Minglan hurried and turned away, and the midwife was a bit embarrassing, she found an excuse to escape temporarily. Ming Lan personally ran out to meet Langzhong.

I was running along the road and I met Gu Tingyu who was on his way. After Gu Tingyu learned about the case, he immediately took the fast horse Minglan and went to look for Langzhong.

After much hardship, I finally asked Langzhong, as a result of which no one reacted to the Sheng family, and Gu Tingyu disbanded the rope and climbed the courtyard, which brought Langzhong to Wei Niangzi.

Lin Xiaoniang was shocked, regardless of the fact that the carer of Xiao Niang's house was crying, she blamed her on how to get into the inner courtyard. Gu Ting was lazy and explained to her, and the girl was beaten and Lin Xiaoniang was ready to give up.

Lang Zhong told Wei Xiaoniang that the child in the mother's stomach had killed Wei Xiaoniang. Wei Niang firmly held Sheng Minglan's hand, let her take embroidered knee-jets to Gu Tingzhuo and leave the embroidered painting to Sheng Minglan.

Sheng Minglan's tears dried and A Niang's words trembled. Wei Niang left the last few words of Shen Minglan and everything was the biggest.

In the powerless cry of Sheng Minglan, Wei Xiaoniang is still missing.

Wei Xiaonian's future family, and she was the younger sister of Ming Lan, who was thinking about recovering Minglan. However, Sheng Hao categorically refused to send back Ming Lan.

Later Sheng Sheng went to Beijing, and Sheng Jia went to the boat, and Gu Tingyu also went to Beijing. Sheng Minglan gave Gu Tingzhu to his knees, thanking him for help.

After docking the boat, everyone left the port and left the port.

The Sheng family has just arrived at the Beijing House of Jing, and after a few days the school will soon arrive in Beijing. Sheng Hao did not want Sheng Minglan to read, saying that she was still young, and now her mind is unpredictable. Mrs. Sheng's attitude is very firm, so Minglan must go to school.

Several girls and young masters from the Sheng family went to school and gradually grew up in the sound of Zhuang Xue's poems.

Finally finally grown up! Finally, he started the protagonist's debut

Are you as crazy as you?

Grandfather Qi Gonggong, Qi Heng (our teacher finally showed up!) He loves calligraphy and talks to Sheng Sheng, several girls from the Sheng family are waiting for an old woman, Ming Lan hides from the side and plays with Xiaotao. Qi Heng could not resist giggling.

Qi Heng heard that Yu Laotai was approaching for some time and wanted to stay at dinner, but he did not want to invent his mind, he wanted to stay and see Minglan.

Hahaha, let's look at the small expression of an arrogant teacher and I really think it's so sweet.

Qi Heng just wanted to change his mind, but it turned out that his sweat towel was lost, so he had to go back and look.

Because Qi Heng's idea is this: this sweat towel is something personal, and if you do not find a name that you can preach, you may not be able to say it in the future. Ming Lan is like her thought.

They both talked about it while walking. I did not expect to hear Yu Suqin's help around Molan on the road, it turned out that the sweat towel was on Suqin. Sheng Minglan can see a clue, afraid someone will plant her.

Ming Lan did not want to go to Suqin to ask for it, so they both talked with Sheng Changbai. Who knows that I just met Qi Heng, when I turned around, he had heard it in the past, and Qi Heng said he would keep the slave.

I know how to see it, I want to say that the speed of our teacher's race is a bit faster, I'm afraid to see Minglan and hide behind him.

Ming Lan always wrote bad words, so he was left behind by Zhuang Xue. Ming Lan asks you to copy books that he has not been able to benefit for many days. Zhuang Xueyan asked her to copy the theory of iron, after three days she turned her face, Minglan listened to her face and took a good meal to invite her for more.

On the way back home Minglan had a headache to copy books, Qi Heng found a chance to stop her and always wanted to be close to her. However, Ming Lan has always deliberately separated him and refused Qi Heng to help her copy the book.

Qi Heng took some fruit Sheng Minglan, Sheng Minglan and Xiao Tao always retracted Qi Heng had to put fruit and a good pen in the arms of Ming Lan and quickly departed.

Currently, Gu Tingyu (Feng Shaofeng) after growing up flashed only for a few seconds. He does not understand much that you can not leave, but we'll take Minglan.

As for the current story, Xiaojian still feels very good online, but it will be difficult to say whether he will be on the street in the future.

This drama was not broadcasted first, why do they all so much expect it? He does not understand much to give you some of the most important things.

1. Lin Xiaoniang and Wang Dayi are fighting each other to become the main attraction and laughter of the whole drama.

The strength of Lin Xiaoniang is the interpretation of "green tea", all kinds spoiled.

Lin Xiaonenga game, you know it, and the expression of the great lady is the same.

Some netizens have ordered maps of their cunning and intelligence, and I understand how to share them with you. He perfectly interprets images that women hate, and men like: when men are charming, men look at them, and women just want to vomit.

When you cry, the man will feel bad and the woman does not like and hates.

When they shouted sweetly to each other, the great lady sat in her arms, but her heart was in the sky.

When the great lady was Yu Lin Xiao Niang, Sheng Sheng was distraught and thought: "This woman really is enough. The audience is: a cry of a wonderful sly.

A big lady is so difficult and wants to sprinkle a little, but grandpa feels like a ghost.

When the big lady did something, Sheng Sheng felt stupid, but the audience felt that she was doing a good job.

Hahaha, the match of these three people is really the main attraction and laughter of the whole drama. Few people understand that a great lady is really too real, especially like a wife who is actually the tears of a small three, so dominant.

2. Zhao Liying. Feng Shaofeng married couples cooperate, pay for public services and fall in love

This drama is really the first show after their wedding, although Feng Shaofeng is not yet fully debuted, it will be particularly sweet.

Not only love for the show and interviews with external media, but also the sweetness of their two. The reporter asked if they were interested in each other, Feng Shaofeng looked happy and answered that he was on the side of Zhao Liying, she would have been more stable.

Uh, it really can not be seen. In addition to watching you fall in love with two games, you even finished off the stage.

I do not know what the public interest of both people will bring to everyone in the drama, or wait for it.

3. The drama of the south is well made and the scene is basically restored.

Everyone should know everything in the midday sun. What are "琅琊 榜", "Pretender", "Parental love" etc., and also many works with high scores, especially that they are also called the "Southern decorative band", because each scene is Renewed, scenes in the book are restored as many as possible.

The composition of the play, the central single, the gradual image of the group, the square and the symmetrical house, even the besieged image, radiate with a sense of depth, with the image of the "Big Bang". One payment.

What's more, to completely restore the old times, the lights used during filming at night were replaced with candles at noon.

It's really amazing. The audience no longer has to worry about passing, or the team no longer worries about carrying it.

As a decoration team for the names of expenses, in addition to the villas that will build a "pretender", the village will be built into the "big river", and even our fields will be changed into their own species.


It is said that there is a scene that has to shoot the seedlings of wheat, but a group of art can not find wheat seedlings, and plant amaranth that looks like young wheat seedlings, as a result of which the director is not satisfied and finds a master who has experience and knows how to cultivate the land, and lead everyone to grow wheat and other wheat seedlings. Growing up, crossing the border in a wheat field.

My Scorpio, I understand that I just want to ask if there is any work that you will not do at noon? In the future, the crew of the team will not enter the group and can make a fortune relying on this craft.

In addition to the reconstruction of the stage, the director also adopted the method of shooting in a dramatic style, half the set of the entire set of mirrors, everywhere is true, the actors are full of pressure.

Feng Shaofeng said: "The first scene I took in the group was that I was with a dragon, we did not know anyone, and then the scene was a special scene that was particularly long and I went back for three days."

Three days … I do not know how to memorize the text when I was a child, as long as I can finish it. The actor is not easy.

Among them, Liu Wei, who plays Sheng Sheng, revealed at a press conference: "(Present) It looks like I was beaten, my oldest daughter did not play, my eldest daughter did not come today, all others were defeated by me, We really started from the beginning . "

Wang Renjun Sheng Changbai also said: "This is a very long" family baguette "like a golf club, then the head is made of iron, it is curved, and finally curved" home "bachelor" was straightened ".

I have a day, it can be a bit exaggerated duck.

In short, this drama met with great interest before it was broadcast and was broadcast all the time after the broadcast. It can also be seen that the whole drama is well made and the directing group made great efforts.

I still want to spit on small points, because watching the drama will spit out and it will be more interesting to see.

It is not difficult to understand, first give everyone a few big points so that everyone will not step on the thunder.

Although the picture of the whole game looks particularly elegant, everyone also said that it suits the scene in the book. But Xiaozhi needs to vomit why the service group does not give Zhao Liying a better hit?

Can this wig be faked again?

Where the service group bought him, you will leave, I promise I will not kill you.

The whole story is a bit too slow, so far four episodes have been broadcast, the fourth episode of the protagonist has appeared, in total over 60 episodes, my Scorpio, it depends on the year ~

Although the first three episodes were small and understandable by the small actors in the performance, I saw the interaction between Xiao Minglan and Xiao Gu Tingyi thinking about the wall of the hammer.

All kinds of meditation in the heart: they are still small, still small, they can not think. However, the small movement of such a dark poke & # 39; is really to let the little soul soul craze wildly!

Gu Tingyu is really in his youth, every move is actually such an overwhelming president, and he always does it first.

Arrange the Xiao Minglan layout correctly.

This dominant little understanding was not able to get out.

The boy who plays Xiao Gu Tingwei is called Bian Tianyang, who is only fifteen years old. The above-mentioned little understands that it is very similar to Jin Xiuxian, but in fact I look at him like a four-character brother Yi Qian Qian.

Look at this eyebrow, is it a bit like?

There are also Internet users in the firewall who think that two people are similar to each other.

Young, acting is so good, it seems that the future is unlimited.

In addition to her, Xiao understands here to talk about Xiao Minglan, this little girl really makes Xiao Xiao love herself unhappy.

Do you still remember the little moon in "Yue Yue Chuan"? She is the actress Liu Chuxi.

He's only nine years old this year, he knows he can not use her to describe his acting skills.

This expression of disappointment really exists. Especially the scene in which Wei Xiaoniang died, Xiao Minglan's crying scene, Xiaoxiao did not hold back and did not cry with her.

Many internet users also said that Xiao Minglan was really good!

Nowadays, small actors are so powerful and must be surprised. Taken by surprise, a little worried about the long version of Ming Lan and Gu Tingyu played by Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, they will be hit by small actors

After finishing acting, I understand the screenwriter again. This great IP drama, screenwriter, made a pediatric mistake.

Wang Aunty said in art that hospitality is not good, and that little people should remember that it should be a better reception.

A little girl should love herself more.

Make an empty (pī) baby in the bud[pēi]Child.

Although this is just a small mistake, but after all, many children will watch TV series and learn, do not make mistakes in teaching children.

Few people understand that "I do not know" was put on flowers a long time ago and started promoting preheating earlier. What's more, it was thought to be the propaganda of the early "New Dream of Red Palaces" when it was revealed.

Everyone thinks that these two pieces of flowers are very similar to the background and sound of the image.

Few people understand that two titles are cropped, but the overall style is a bit similar.

Therefore, many Internet users think that this drama will be a big fire or will be the same as the "New Red House". However, most Internet users think that the reason why the "New Red House" hits the street is because the casting was not chosen.

When it comes to this drama, the ability to flip the street is a bit small, but the public can not afford more than 70 episodes to see if Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng can support her in the future.

After finishing acting and the whole drama, I understand the author of "Wiedza". If the actors are very strong, but in the end still bear responsibility for the author.

As the saying goes? Before I learned about it, the author once thoroughly analyzed "Sweet honey" at Weibo, and also confirmed the acting skills of Deng Lun, but he said that "an actor who is now on the market has no back-up." .

Why are you saying that? The reason is that she thinks that "Deng Lun only debuted for a few years, but there are already many men and partners", and the diversity of resources is not lacking. Is not it because it is backstage? Maybe it's her inner monologue.

However, there are no criticisms in her little writings, but she says she is "worthy of these resources" and "she does not participate."

After talking about Deng Lun, he also mentioned the second man, Luo Yunxi, who praised him for "opening the whole line, all types of temperament conversions are free of barriers" and "all in one go."

Ultimately, the author, who is not very big, also commented on the battle between these two people, who thinks that the reason why both companies tear this way is that "Luo Yunxi has this role".

Oh, I just want to say that the author really does not know how horrible a pink circle is. To know that when "Xiangmi" was broadcast, men, men, two fans and two fans, due to factors like the drama, were so dark and dark that they showed it on the bones of the festival, and Xiaoxiao just wanted to give her a compliment .

So Dunren fans and drama powders appeared straight away, tearing them "tailored to drama for their own novels," "attracting men," "conscious management, with hidden motives."

One of the authors survived a thousand soldiers and was forced to empty Weibo and retreat.

At first you thought it was the end? No, the author previously commented on Yang Yang. At first he said that everyone is discussing Yang Yang's acting skills, but she thinks that Yang Yang will become the second Tang Guoqiang, but it is internally contradictory. Do not attract Xiao Na, played by Yang Yang.

He began to say that Yang Yang was not tall and his body was not good. It is also said that the face can not face, but the proportion of the body is not good, there is really nothing to do. I even said Yang Yang made many mistakes in grammar.

Then he commented Yang Yang's acting skills, saying that he had not made any progress in the last few years, and that he was not surprised by the "lightness".

Hey, I can not refrain from applauding the author's courage, so I really do not know the terrifying pink circle. When the author understood Weibo, she removed it.

You can see how terrible cyber-violence is, or rather, you can not judge someone's good or bad. I understand, however, that the author's comments are a bit too radical. The rating is evaluated and everyone is still accepted.

Xiao Xiao heard before the internauts heard that "the beginning" I do not know "propaganda did not bring Zhu Yilong, the result of Zhu Yilong due to a sudden explosion, propaganda also began to take its movement as one of the main forces." And he asked: "Zhu Yilong will not turn this time".

Everyone in this drama is talking about "Will he hit the street?" After all, innate conditions are perfect, if you hurry up the street, it is a "joke".

Everyone thinks, after reading this drama, do you have any thoughts and you want to carry them out further?

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