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Stan Lee's daughter supports Sony by saying that Disney directors are "bad for their father" _ movies

Original title: Stan Lee's daughter support for Sony's claim that Disney directors are "bad for their father"

Sina stock news in the US Beijing in 23 news, recently Disney (136.08, 0.32, 0.24%) and Sony (54.77, -1.88, -3.32%) have problems breaking up, Marvel will no longer participate in the production of the new Spider-Man movie. The topic has been released.

Just as fans argued about who is right and who is not, so is Sony, who expresses support, that is, daughter of Stan Lee.

In a statement, Joan Lee said that Marvel and Disney must be "supervised and controlled" because the company wants to take full control of her father's work.

"Whether it's Sony or other companies, the character of Stein (anime) and the evolution of his heritage are worth looking at from many perspectives," she said.

The legendary cartoonist Stan Lee created the role of Spider-Man for Marvel in the 1960s, but Sony has been the author of this role for about 20 years.

Marvel's parent company, Disney and Sony, signed an agreement in 2015 to introduce Spider-Man to the Marvel movie universe. In the initial agreement between the two companies, Sony will allow the Marvel creative team to integrate Spider-Man with the movie world and cover 100% of production costs.

In return, Disney can only take 5% of gross income from Spider-Man movies, and other cash revenues are owned by Sony.

Of course, Disney no longer recognizes this distribution and final proportions. Apparently, the Disney plan assumes that in the next cooperation, both parties should invest 50%, and the income is also 50%, but Sony does not agree to this mode of distribution.

Stan Lee's daughter seems to support Sony's lack of acceptance of the new agreement.

Joan Lee said, "When my father died, no one from Marvel or Disney came to me."

"From the first day they commercialized my father's work and never showed him respect or his heritage. After all, no one could be worse for my father than the management of Marvel and Disney. ' "

A Disney spokesman did not immediately address this issue.

Some media reports said that because Marvel Films and Sony Pictures from Disney could not agree on cooperation on the new series of the series "Spider-Man", Marvin Feige, president of Marvel Films, said that it will no longer take part in the production the future series of "Spider-Man" films.

If negotiations are not resumed, Spider-Man will probably no longer be part of the Marvel movie universe, which is bad for Sony and Marvel.

The Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition, which was released in 2019, was produced jointly by Sony and Marvel Films. The global cash register costs around USD 1,096 billion. This is the highest cash revenue of Sony Pictures in the world.Return to Sohu and see more

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