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The joint bike "Banner" was started in the second half will be unveiled | Sharing a bike | Mobai | Hu Wei |

The original title, the common bike "flagman" has been closed, the other half will be unveiled

Author Lv Qian

The two main companies in the industry, Moby and Ofo, ended the culmination of a joint bicycle race in various ways, and Harvey as belated, was considered the most innovative. The development of the sex industry adds new variables.

On December 23, the founder of the Moby bicycle, Hu Wei, published an internal letter and announced that he was resigning from the post of CEO of Mobai, and the successor was Mobie President Liu Wei. Almost nine months ago, at the Mobai shareholders' meeting, Moby's takeover of the American group was finalized.

On December 4, the Theo operating unit, Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and the actual company controller, Dai Wei, were made by Haidian Court to "limit consumer orders".

The founding team gradually withdrew, and Moby continued to feel real pressure.

Due to the excellent control of the founding team in terms of rhythm of activity, income and expenses, Mobai did not appear to be embarrassed when he was in the money competition of oh, or was finally confirmed to be acquired, or when the founding team paid in and went away. Situation.

In March, at the shareholders' meeting, confirmed by the American group, Mobye CEO, Wang Xiaofeng, he made the speech: "It is nice that the team and the company have not lost all their money, and there is still a small number of them."

On April 4, the American CEO of the Wang Xing group issued an internal letter, officially announced the takeover of Mobai and said that the Mobai management team would remain unchanged. Out of the specified acquisition amount, 35% was transferred via the American group capital form, and 65% in cash, of which USD 320 million was used as an addition to future liquidity.

At the same time, Moby will continue to maintain independent brands and operate independently, Moby's management team will remain unchanged, Wang Xiaofeng will continue to be CEO, Hu Wei will continue to be CEO, Xia Yiping will continue to be CTO and Wang Xing will be president.

However, the developmental reality that followed was that the founding team of Mobai gradually withdrew, and the management of the American group took control.

On the afternoon of April 28, Mobye announced a structural correction via internal mail: founder Hu Wei served as the general manager of Mobai, and Liu Wei was president of Mobai, subordinate to the general manager, previous director Mobye Wang Xiaofeng resigned due to "personal reasons" and turned to special adviser.

On November 27, 2018, Li Bin, a Mobike bicycle and manager of the board of directors, withdrew, and Liu Wei took over, while Hu Wei, Li Bin, Wang Xiaofeng and Xia Yi left Wang Xing and Mobai. Mu Rongzhen took over. Xia Yiping is a co-founder of Mobai and the former CTO Mobai.

Currently, the share of shareholders of Beijing Moby Bicycle Technology Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder of Wang Xing, holds 95% of shares, and Mu Rongzhen holds a 5% interest.

On December 23, Hu Wei announced in his internal letter to the company that he had resigned as CEO of Mobai, and that he was succeeded by Mobie President Liu Wei.

According to public information, before joining Moby & # 39; ego, Liu Wei was the firstAlibabaAfter the acquisition of Moby by the group, Liu Wei was appointed as the president of Mobai, as well as a special consultant Mobai.

Although he freed himself from the difficulties associated with independent development, Moby & # 39; ego's pressure on expenses was also directly transferred to the American group.

On November 22, the US mission published a financial report for the third quarter of 2018. The financial report showed that total revenues for this quarter amounted to 19.1 billion yuan, an increase of 97.2% year-on-year. Gross profit increased from 3.4 billion yuan in the same period last year to 4.6 billion yuan. .

At the same time, the adjusted negative EBITDA (profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and the adjusted net loss amounted to 1.2 billion yuan and 2.5 billion yuan, respectively, and the US group said that a large number of new business investments this year will increase overall profitability. Declines, but adjusted EBITDA and net loss fell quarter-on-quarter.

On December 18, industrial and commercial information showed that the founder and CEO of the American mission Wang Xing and the co-founder of the US and vice president Mu Rongzhen also funded Mobike Bicycle Operation Co., Ltd. The full amount is pledged.

After the publication of the report on the results of the third quarter, the American group indicated that due to the improvement of Mobai's operational efficiency and networking activities in the pilot phase, the net loss of this part was reduced compared to the second quarter.

In this internal letter, Hu Wei also said that in the last eight months Moby's large-scale cost reduction has significantly increased revenue and orders, but this is still insufficient, and Mobai needs to conduct more thorough "basic skills". .

In the upward direction, Hu Wei said that the future of joint bikes should not be as pessimistic as the external rating, but it has just begun. She said that 20 years later, even if there is no driver or even a mobile phone, a bike ride is still needed, so everyone in Mobai should stay for at least three to five years. And better integrated with the American group.

Copying the bicycle pattern

The common bicycle pattern, which was the most awaited at the same time and the most competitive, was completely rewritten.

In addition to the departure of Hu Wei, the founder ofo, Dai Wei, was listed as "Lai Lai." The Harbin bike, which did not attract artillery fire in the cities of the first and second row, was renamed Haji, and with the support of Ali's resources and funds, it gradually rebuilt the common bicycle market.

Harbin chief executive Yang Lei said that since mid-December, Haro has released 161 million users from a 32 billion yuan deposit, and the average daily order exceeded 20 million.

Since 2017, the Common Bicycle Industry has experienced a landslide process similar to what is happening in the roller coaster, and its causes are deep and complicated, involve capital investment, the assumption of team management problems and the problem of the giants breaking business.

According to iiMediaResearch, 2017 is the fastest growing year for users in the common bicycle sector in China, with a growth rate of 632.1%. Then, the growth rate will slow down to 14.6%, and the number of public bicycle users will reach 235 million in 2018. Analysts of Ai Media Consulting believe that the common bicycle industry will enter the mature period in 2018, and the growth trend will stabilize.

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