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The performance of Su Mingcheng was slammed during the hot search of Guo Jingfei "seeking protection" _

The TV series "Everything is OK" is broadcast, the second son is selfish and hateful, the actor thanks the audience for separating the character from the actor.

The performance of Su Mingcheng was slammed during the hot search of Guo Jingfei "seeking protection"

The broadcast TV series "Wszystko jest bardzo dobre" quickly caused social problems due to the contradictions of the original family. In the play Su Jingcheng, the second child of Sujia, played by Guo Jingfei, let the audience hate the roots and shout "smack" because of selfishness, persistence and lack of responsibility. During the night, the audience "threw" him for a hot search.

In this situation, Guo Jingfei himself is obviously ready to show his "desire to live" at Weibo, repeatedly stressing that he is determined to stand side by side with the audience. In the afternoon of March 13, Guo Jingfei accepted an interview with the journalist of the Beijing Youth Daily and for the first time publicly answered various topics about Su Mingcheng.

Shaping roles

The bad guys also have a good side

Dig it to create a stereo form

Reporter: In Weibo, "a successful desire" is so strong, or is it already expected to be "grouped"?

Guo Jingfei: Yes, I was expecting it when I took part in the program. Now many viewers especially hate Su Mingcheng and I am very grateful to everyone for their rationality, civilization and progress. In the past, when the actor played such a role, the audience would really make the actor particularly unhappy, and now, when everyone has become rational, they differentiate the actors from the characters. Everyone must protect Guo Jingfei, we will gather together to "kill" Su Mingcheng!

Reporter: This kind of realistic motif plays the role of "Flying on Earth". How do you try to understand and accept the values ​​and behavior of Su Mingchen during creation?

Guo Jingfei: The actor can not criticize the role, I think that creating a character and a bad person, he also has a polite side, he hates people who have a beautiful side, and after digging this character, the character may look stereoscopic. The point of view that I created is also a habit.

Reporter: In the art of Yao Chen, you performed cruelty and hatred. Will you, as a good friend, privately resist your heart?

Guo Jingfei: Su Su Mingyu's game in Su Mingcheng was really embarrassing, he talked with the director and said that we are not as embarrassed, the director thinks that it is not good. I also said that it is not a fan or a punch, the director said no, there must be something like that in real life.

Reporter: Did you have contact with Yao Chen before the film started?

Guo Jingfei: Certainly the ditches are over. She did not know how to make this scene, and I was afraid I would hurt her. I assure her, I said that you can be sure, I am a theater actor, I am trained to protect my opponent, I will not be very arrogant to achieve this. In fact, the film was very simple, it was rewound and it was very safe, it was lying on the ground, the camera was facing my face and I was playing in the air.

Play experience

The characters in the game have their own problems.

Anger with the audience while chasing

Reporter: In addition to Su Mingcheng, how do you think about other characters in the game? Did you discuss your views with Yao Chen, Ni Dahong, Li Nian etc. during the filming process?

Guo Jingfei: It seems that every character in this scene has such a problem, it is not the perfect picture in a traditional TV series. I also chased a few episodes when I saw it, I was angry at everyone, I said how this person does it, especially how Su Mingcheng is so exaggerated, very funny.

Reporter: Internauts think that three women in Sujii are relatively rational and competent. Typical shortcomings are spat out together by the audience. Do you think the three men in the Su family are the best, how do you understand their job?

Guo Jingfei: I think three Su men are enough to "do", not because the family does not enter the door, "being a trio".

Reporter: Ni Dahong, who plays best with his opponent, has a great performance and played the selfishness of an old man Do you laugh when you play your son?

Guo Jingfei: I was laughing with Teacher Ni Dahong. He laughed too, I think our two laughs are the trust between actors and actors. Of course, you can not laugh at the drama. TV series, which I think because of NG, laughter adapts a certain atmosphere and promotes relationships between actors.

Teacher Ni Dahong is very, very good and learned a lot from him. I think the most amazing thing at the time is Teacher Ni Dahong, who did not find anything on this character at all, but he changed his character into a more terrible state.

Experience in shooting

Life is not a child of the child's treasure

Family members are coping with many changes

Reporter: "It's pretty good" as a drama of family relations, causing a heated discussion among the audience. You are in the middle of a contradictory vortex in art. In addition to confronting your sister Ming Yu, there are many things to deal with your wife and father, as well as relationships with your older brother. Can new agreements be made available?

Guo Jingfei: I think that every family has a way to get in touch with every family. The most important thing between people is thinking in terms of empathy, perceiving the benefits of one person and mutual understanding.

Reporter: How do you understand that "everyone is very good" – does it just look good, or can he finally come back to the family and tolerate each other?

Guo Jingfei: After all, this drama is not tolerance for the family, but we must learn to deal with people, in fact better to look at the good of other people, change their thinking, forget about these unhappy things, because everyone is both good and bad hand, and the key is our choice.

Reporter: You played "Ma Bao Giant Baby" in the game. What kind of life do you like?

Guo Jingfei: I'm not a "mother" in real life, not at all.

Reporter: "It's pretty good" to investigate the impact of the original family on people. What do you think is the ideal state for the relationship between adult children and parents?

Guo Jingfei: I have no way to answer this question. I have no qualifications to tell others what to do. I have no way to share them because everyone is different. I think it is more tolerant, it is really more to be considered by others. (Reporter Yang Wenjie)

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