Saturday , June 19 2021

Atlético Bucaramanga goes out to the semi-finals of the local football league

In previous seasons, the very fact of qualifying for the quarter finals was quite an achievement; However, this time the technical staff and players of Atlético Bucaramanga are not satisfied with being in the "end-year party" and want to create a story.

To write this story, the "Leopard" box is in Medellin to face the first leg of the quarterfinals tonight with the "Mighty Mountain".

Two casts who played the best football in the final phase of the Águila II league in 2018 and face arguments to arouse great emotions face to face.

Interestingly, both clubs show similarities in their game. "Reds" and "bile" have offensive strengths and weaknesses in defense.

More specifically, Medellín, with people like Germán Cano, Juan Fernando Caicedo and Andrés Ricaurte, imposes a football attack that allows him to reach the final stage with nine invincible dates.

But in defense of the picture directed by the Ecuadorian Octavio Zambrano raises doubts because he is defenseless.

In turn, Bucaramanga has players who have influence on the offensive sector.

The pair of Sherman Cárdenas – Michael Rangel generates the greatest hobby of the season in this hobby, which is joined by, among others, the talents of John Pérez and Johan Caballero.

In the defensive sector, the "Leopard" image has improved compared to the beginning of the season, but it still exhibits weaknesses, especially in order to safely control additional charges.

Twice, when Medellín and Bucaramanga faced in 2018, the triumph was in the hands of Antioquenos, but "in the finals is at a different price", admitted Michael Rangel, who trusts a good guy, close the series at home

"We are standing in front of Medellin, but now it's different because in the final they are games for a different price." The group is motivated and we hope to make a good presentation in Medellin to get a result that will help us face back in our home. " – Rangel said.

In relation to the team that won seven consecutive matches in the first phase, Atlético Bucaramanga had only one variant because of the injury of midfielder César Quintero, who would replace John Pérez.

"We have to be a very balanced team and very focused, I know it will be a completely different match than the one we lost in Medellin (2-0), because we will have the whole team and look for results, what international cups are and pass the key. good composition and we are ready for what is coming, "said Óscar Serrano, member of the Atlético training staff.

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