Saturday , October 31 2020

Caterine Ibarguen: Ibargüen: "The triple jump ends the region's illusion" Sports

Athlete Caterine Ibargüen criticized determination International Federation with Athletics (IAAF, according to the English acronym) to exclude a triple jump from Diamond league and said that this decision "ends the region's illusion."

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Last week IAFF competence program reduced from 32 to 24 League diamond where they will no longer be a triple jump, 3000 meters obstacles, flat 200 meters and shield, in the male and female categories.

"You are finishing the illusion of a region of such countries Venezuela and Columbia they need more joy than they lived for our results in Diamond leagues ", Colombian wrote on Instagram.

He added that children "love and practice this sport, andThis is due to the enthusiasm we offer in every competition, don't watch athletics as a program, perceive it as a lifestyle for new generations that want to follow our steps. "

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Program reduction Diamond league is obedient that Association seeks to create a new compressed format in 90 minutes to meet its obligations regarding television broadcasts.

Ibargüen and Venezuelan Yulimar Red, last champion in the World Cup Doha, are world leaders in this discipline for what they admire in their countries.

After making a decision by IAFF, Ibargüen will not be at various stops next year League which are being developed throughout the year in various cities around the world.

Caterine He won five leagues in a triple jump, and now he only has a long jump, a discipline he practices, but in which he did not achieve great triumphs.

Last year Ibargüen, 35, was awarded as the best athlete in the world in 2018 by IAAF thanks to the results achieved in the triple jump.

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