Saturday , June 12 2021

Celta de Vigo 2-4 Real Madrid Spanish League – International Soccer – Sports

Real Madrid prolongs their good form by winning (2-4) in Balaidos against Celta, who, along with Benzema's strike, defended their new defeats with a new triumph, the fourth team that trains Santiago Solari, the coach who won four matches, which he led the leagues and the team again became involved in the league.

Both teams have rocked the pace of the game from the first minute. Real Madrid warned with two shots of Benzema, the more dangerous second who wiped the post, after the blow that caught Cabral's eye; Celta responded with a sloping shot of Boufal who crossed the area without being affected by Maxi Gómez or Aspas. All this happened in the first five minutes.

Real Madrid tried to set the pace. He had the ball. Celta withdrew. The Solari team warned with several approaches: a forced head from Bale & # 39; and a long throw from Kroos. His failures were few for the first time. The first one was a Casemiro injury in ten minutes, injured in ankle due to the lack of Maxi Gómez; The second fear for Real Madrid was a shot at Dobra, a good shot at the exit from the bend.

This testarazo on the stick was the small one that generated the Celta in attack, indistinct, with difficulties in creating football in the central zone. Real Madrid from the party took control. He was comfortable. Ceballos tried outside the area. But the goal came in the middle of the first half: the great streak from Modric was complemented by Benzema, who stood alone against Sergio after he laughed with a simple move to tear off two celestial centers, Cabral and Roncaglia.

Benzemy's goal was to make the game easier for his team, stronger and better, who attacked easily on both flanks. Kross caressed the second for Real Madrid, but with a high shot he defeated just ten meters before the goal, unable to satisfy the good game with Lucas Vázquez and Benzema.

Celta, with Aspas and Maxim Gómez, easily took refuge in some isolated action to scare away Courtais, who closed the first half with a good injury to equalize the strong shot of Brais Méndez. Opening the second part moved the rhythm towards the script in both directions. Aspas nodded with dangers in the center of Maxi Gómez; the real threat was a few minutes later shot at the Benzemy bar, in a great game, which he designed in the left area.

He received the Benzemy award a bit later thanks to another excellent individual game. The French striker used a defensive error between Roncaglia and Juncá, after the last dribbling against Roncaglia, he threw a few meters from Sergio, who cleared the shot on the post, but eventually jumped into the goal to bounce the ball into the Cabral's body.

Real Madrid fed on Celta's mistakes. But the match did not end with two goals from Benzema. The blue team quickly responded with triangulation of three charges (Aspas-Brais-Hugo Mallo), which captain Hugo Mallo made with a good shot: the defender started the game, went to the area and chased Brais with a long pass.

Antonio Mohamed, who watched the match as a punishment, strengthened the attack by Emre Mor and Hjulsager; Real Madrid, who lost due to injury from Casemiro and Reguilona, ​​suffered another defensive due to Nacho's loss. Celta, interrupted in controlling the game, pushed in search of a tie. Aspas delayed his position to have a ball to create a danger.

He tried a strong shot from outside the area to which Courtois responded with the paradigm. When Celta was better, his worst punishment was another defensive gift. Juncá miscalculated to remove the ball and threw Odriozol into the box.

Penalty for Real Madrid, shot by Sergio Ramos, with panic strike to end the victory, which took place a few minutes after the stronger Ceballos, with a cannon stroke outside the area, wide victory, despite the final goal of Brais Méndez, who extends the good score of Real Madrid by Santiago Solari.


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