Monday , January 25 2021

Christmas and New Year in a pandemic: how to celebrate with caution – Government – Politics

The medical emergency, which ran from last March and initially ran until November 30, has been extended to February 28, 2021 to guarantee effective pandemic control in the country.

It also means maintaining the selective isolation that has been in force since September 1 last year, which the government says meant a shift from national measures to making specific decisions selected in places where there is a high risk or negative epidemiological behavior determined by the Ministry of Health.

But it is also true a call to continue self-care and self-defense.

This means that people should continue to wear masks, keep social distancing, and wash their hands.

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Except whoever shows symptoms of the virus must not be in public places or on the street. And it requires strict quarantine in case of a positive diagnosis.

However, any economic activity is still allowed on the territory of the country. In addition, the airports, inter-municipal and inter-ministerial transport as well as national roads have been restored.


Of course, there are some things that will remain banned or restricted until February.

That’s how the use of public or private agglomerations is prohibited throughout the territory of the country (over 50 people) as well as bars, discos and dance halls must remain closed.

In addition, there is a restriction of alcohol consumption in public premises or in public places. However, it is possible that mayors may request a pilot plan for alcohol consumption in public enterprises.

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The closures of land and sea borders are also maintained, although this suspension may be lifted following an epidemiological analysis carried out by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior.

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President Iván Duque said the decision to extend the crisis was made “based on a global interpretation of the emergency, based on analysis, and by continuing to be vigilant and informed,” adding that it is being extended to increase pandemic containment in the country. and further preparation of vaccination schedules to be consolidated early next year.

In any event, the president made it clear that local authorities need to work with the national government to avoid a further increase in the number of cases.

Likewise, Duque insisted that civic discipline would be crucial, so he asked for the good, fraternal collective behavior observed in recent months to be maintained in December.

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