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Exoplanets could exist better than Earth to accommodate life: scientists

The aim of astronomers' research was to identify oceans in exoplanets that have a greater ability to live actively and abundantly.

A group of astronomers from the University of Chicago in the United States estimated their existence exoplanets with an even richer life than the one around us on Earth.

It is thanks to three astronomers modeled the water cycle in hypothetical extraterrestrial oceans. This idea was initiated by several models obtained thanks to software developed by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA.

Professor Stephanie Olson, who conducted the study, presented a report on this topic at the Goldschmidt conference that took place this Friday in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The purpose of the investigation was "identify oceans in exoplanets which have a greater ability to live an active and rich life, "collects a statement issued by the organization.

The use of models was based on knowledge in the field of biophysics of the Earth, where life in the oceans "It depends on the discovery" or an upward flow of water that "returns nutrients from the dark depths of the ocean to the sunlit parts." There are organisms responsible for photosynthesis.

The more active the outing, more nutrients will rise to the upper ocean, "Which means greater biological activity." The research team said that "these are the conditions we should look for in exoplanets" to expect that life in them will be more likely and more abundant.

Among the whole set of factors, scientists have found that denser atmospheres, combined with slower rotation and in the presence of continents, contribute to higher upwelling rates. Olson called this conclusion "surprising"because this means that some exoplanets with favorable ocean circulation patterns may be more suitable for living at home than Earth.

The authors of the report estimate that their models may be useful in the later search for life in the universe. Astronomers a year ago estimated how many "water worlds" there could be in the universe; that is, exoplanets with an even thicker hydrosphere than on our planet. However, the new report explains that the amount of water is not enough for life. (RT)

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