Thursday , January 28 2021

Expensive school for Salomé, daughter of James Rodríguez

A few days ago, Daniela Ospina published a story on Instagram with her daughter Salomé Rodríguez Ospina, in which a little girl in the school uniform appeared.

She is from Miami Country Day School, a reputable bilingual educational institution in this American city It is distinguished by rich equipment and an enviable campus. The school’s motto is: “We give students the freedom to design an education as unique as they are. Every student. Daily”.

The eldest daughter of James Rodríguez has a high-level education, which, for obvious reasons, comes at a high cost. As can be seen on the school’s official website, the price of an annual tuition fee ranges from $ 24,300 to $ 38,265, depending on the grade in which she is studying.

Annual tuition fees for children in grades one through three, such as Salomé, are $ 30,480. The above means that James and Daniela Ospina pay just over 110 million Colombian pesos for their daughter’s school year.

It is clear in the school’s social networks that the education offered to students aims to improve their athletic, artistic, intellectual, social and cultural skills. File Miami Country Day School is one of South Florida’s most recognizable private learning centers. Honor, respect, wisdom and compassion are her core values.

“We have a culture that encourages innovation and creativity, strives for excellence and balances physical and mental well-being”, it boasts of this American school on its website.

Note that James and Ospina broke up just over three years agobut they still have a very cordial relationship. His daughter spends most of his time with Daniela as they live in Miami, while Rodríguez lives in Liverpool following his arrival in Everton, England. Rumors began circulating last week that a businesswoman had finished courtship with whom he had been her boyfriend for just over two years.

Salomé’s school, daughter of James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina

Here are some photos of the facilities of this institution:

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