From Colombia to Mexico: "Narcos" moves to a new house


Netflix arrives for the fourth season of successful narcosis, which on this occasion Escobar will see the war on drugs in the Aztec country

From Colombia to Mexico:

Diego Luna gives life to Captain Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who was the founder of the huge Guadalajara cartel in 1980 and then the Sinaloa / netflix cartel

The fourth season of the "Narcos" series examines the origin of the war of Mexico against drugs, a chapter that "unimaginable" by American programmer Eric Newman, without telling the story of the Guadalajara cartel.

"You can not tell Guzman's" El Chapo "story without Felix Gallardo, Caro Quintero or Ernesto Fonseca, in the 1980s, modernizing the Mexican government," Newman said. the press in Mexico City.

Three successful seasons showcase drug trafficking Colombia and Pablo Escobar, the popular Netflix series is now in Mexico where Felix Gallardo received orders and merged dealers to build a realm.

On November 16, "Narcos: Mexico," Mexican actor Diego Luna gives life to Miguel Ángel Fóli Captain Gallardo, who was the founder of the huge Guadalajara cartel in 1980 and led Sinaloa to the cartel.

Luna shares the lead in Mexican-American Michael Peña, who plays in the program Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, the first DEA agent died in action.

After Felix Gallardo's release in 1989, Rafael Caro Quintero and Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo took over Guadalajara Cartel, which has largely started drug trafficking in the United States.

"It is important to understand where it is born (drug trafficking), what kind of origin is the fact that a small group of small farmers and traders ends up in gaining power and their relationship with the Mexican and American governments," said Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta.

Huerta plays Caro Quintero, who was jailed in 1985 and released in 2013. Your current location is currently unknown.

"The complexity of the relationship between Mexico and the United States is that they both support this war. And while history (" Narcos ") has elements of fiction, our duty is as complete as possible," Newman said.

The so-called Felipe Calderón, former president, Since the beginning of the fight against drug trafficking, more than 200,000 people have been killed, according to official figures that do not determine how many such victims are involved in the fight against crime.


"Narcos: Mexico" Diego Luna is capo Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, founder of the former powerful Guadalajara cartel, has been involved in criticizing a political sector that is accusing the country of "apologizing for drug trafficking" .

But the Mexican actor responds with the argument that the fourth phase of the Netflix program is "a good time to trigger those who are not yet vulnerable to a serious problem."

In the hands of drug dealers and controversial anti-drug acts in Mexico, a violent wave has been released, which has left more than 200,000 violent deaths in official records for 12 years, which does not specify how many are involved in organized crime.

"It is important for me to tell this story in the 1980s, where the scaffolding was made from the things we live in this hell," Luna said during the series.

Following the disappearance of the Guadalajara cartel in the nineties, the strong Sinaloa cartel was launched by Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzma and is now imprisoned in the United States, and charges him in November.

The protagonist of the new "Narcos" series debuted in March, when Luna protested against the Internal Security Law, which governed the involvement of the Mexican Armed Forces in public security missions.

Those accused of social networking, the Star Wars saga "Rogue One," featured in the "Crime Support Program", contradicts, according to then-conservative Senator Javier Lozano.

"I respect everybody's opinion except for those who do not tell these stories and talk about" beautiful things, "Luna said.

"I'm very interested in the audience who sees the series in other countries outside Germany, England and Latin America, the next time a series of cocaine is inserted, think a bit behind what's behind it," said the producer.


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