He dies in the combat league of the dissident FARC group in Colombia


Alias ​​"Humberto Mora", as the deceased was identified, was accused of "consolidating criminal and financial activities through drug trafficking and extortion in the departments of Caquetá, Meta and Putumayo," the author said in a statement.

The second commander of dissident 62 was killed by the police and army in the Cartagena del Bosque commune, Caquetá department, where four alleged members of the armed group were also captured.

According to the army, Mora was a trusted man of "Rodrigo Cadete", a former commander of the former communist party who did not accept the peace agreement signed in November 2016.

Cadet is regarded by the military as a high-value target, as it is one of the main opposition leaders, which experts and the government say is mainly involved in drug trafficking.

In addition, Mora was responsible for controlling the routes of smuggling of weapons and alkaloids to Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, recruitment of minors and several homicides, according to a military institution.

Without a unified command, dissidents who broke away from the peace agreement have about 1,200 militants across the country, according to military intelligence.

Colombia, the world's leading producer of cocaine, is experiencing an armed conflict that has led partisans, paramilitaries, state agents and drug traffickers within half a century, with a balance of eight million victims among the dead, missing and displaced.


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