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"I am the authority, José Luis Trejo is part of Sports Intelligence and has no more functions"

The new Salamanca CF UDS coach was blunt with regard to his role in Helmántico's locker room, after he speculated whether his real role would be to put down the shadow coach card. Previous Mr. "The first thing I told Lovato was that I was an authority, but I pointed out that Trejo's presence may be misunderstood, which is not true: it is only part of Sports Intelligence (ID) and has no other function. "

Marco Antonio Rodríguez "Chiquimarco" said twice: "I'm a coach who says who plays and who doesn't." In addition, he announced that some of the current staff would follow him, although he admitted that some changes would occur. "I have very trustworthy people, there are people with ID who are loyal and are at the service of the project," he said. Chiquimarco said the talks with Lovato began three weeks ago.

On the other hand, he wanted to be ambitious in relation to the set goals, noting that "as a historic club in Europe and Spain" Salamanca CF UDS must increase. "We'll do it with work, with a good idea for management and game, dispensing and trying to make players happy." In his composition he said that he consists of players who "want to cross".

For Chiquimarco this will be his first experience at the head of the bench. "My references are coaches who can force players to play with their ideas, such as Klopp, Guardiola, Simeone or Zidane, who were able to win three Champions League in a row." In addition, he assured that Salamanca CF UDS "as a serious institution will respect judges", stating that despite the status of an international judge, he would underestimate the decisions of his members, "unless they are terrible mistakes, such as a hand-held goal."

After a press conference, in which he was accompanied by the institutional president of the club Ulises Zurita, he stood on the grass in Helmántico. He was excited before journalists. "It smells like history, we intend to create history and I want everyone to visit us: families, grandparents and children," he said.

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