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Junior: Comesaña will not be penalized for a "pistol" in the Águila Cup

The controversy in Colombian football does not end there. In the middle of the sanction bulletin, which Dimayor issued on Wednesday, and where a pale sanction was expected, which Medellín finally received for the knife that was thrown from the stands at Millionaire players, The final decision of the national football regulatory authority also appeared in the new case of Julio Comesaña.

"The committee was aware of the facts being investigated through messages published by various media. After conducting appropriate investigations, the Committee reviewed the evidence and assessed facts about the case, there are no grounds for imposing disciplinary sanctions, and therefore orders that the investigation be closed and proceedings instituted. Against this decision comes an appeal for reinstatement, "said Dimayor about the gun" made by the helmsman from the stadium boxing in the Eagle Cup match.

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The case was very difficult. Comesaña, already punished for the dispute with Lucas Pusinari (he has not yet finished paying the suspension), He was in the box of the Metropolitan stadium, watching the second part of the quarter-finals Águila Cup v Deportivo Cali, where his team was eventually eliminated as a result of penalties.

When the TV camera focuses on it after 90 minutes, the helmsman appeared next to goalkeeper Sebastián Viera in a quiet moment, and then gave a rude signal the middle finger of the hand in front of television cameras.

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