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Junior vs. Unión La Calera live from the South America Cup: online match, result, goals and formations

In Colombia there is a duel closing the first leg of the South American 1/8 final.

Junior from Barranquilla Y Union La Calera Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez is hopping onto the pitch tonight, and their common goal is to make a big step towards the Copa Sudamericana quarter-finals. In Phase 16, the Colombians and Chileans are put to the test in one of the most even keys competitors have seen as they both play in their local leagues and stand out both tactically and physically.

261120 Junior Union La Calera Fabián Viáfara and Esteban Valencia

Note that the winner will face anyone who returns luck between Coquimbo Unido and Sport Huancayo, who drew 0-0 in the first leg.

Review the data left by the meeting together with Ota:


85 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Miguel Ángel Borja overtook Junior, winning mid-air after Fuentes crossed from left on a loan from Cariaco González. Martín cared more about those who created this art …

65 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! They gave it … after 4 minutes of uncertainty, VAR Patricio Loustau and Luisa Quiroza confirmed that the battering ram was on, he gave himself a head shake and after leaving Viera on the road he also did so with Germán Mera to pre-define crossed target.

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61 ‘ Gooooooooo … NO! Thomas Rodríguez scored after a front leg injury? Leo’s son beat Vera and scored, but …

59 ‘ Strong Cetré finish that hits horizontally. Martín put his hand in, but it nearly slipped. The ball then bounced before the finish line.

44 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO DE CETRÉ. Junior walked ahead with his mighty right hand to the corner of his end. Martín rubbed against her, but she slipped inside. In the previous action, Teo made a screen and by not touching it – after Fuentes walked from the side – created a key space for Edwin. So the first period has been used up, with Shark’s well-deserved advantage.

43 ‘ Amazing Didier! The junior midfielder aimed the cross with Yonathan Andía, which he received from Thomas Rodríguez and scored, but Moreno blocked him to the right.

24 ‘STOP! Martín Arias flashed against Gabriel Fuentes by leaping to the right, thus avoiding the first Junior who is close to the goal.

10 ‘ Please note that the Roberto Meléndez judge sextet consists of Argentines (men and Daiana Milone), Brazilian, Venezuela and Ecuador.

5 ‘ Cetré gave a huge hint that Viáfara has turned into Borja’s help. But better than 9 was Alexis Martín Arias, with the first stop of the night.

18:31 The visit also confirmed its eleventh visit to Barranquilla.

18:30 Eleven chosen by Amaranto Perea to host the Chilean team.

18:14 “The shark is already in the subway.” Will he be able to use the show?

17:42 (Colombia) The Metropolitan Stadium is ready to host teams.




MATCH Junior vs. Union La Calera
DATE Thursday, November 26

Metropolitan, Barranquilla

TIME 9.30pm from Chile and 7.30pm from Colombia


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