Thursday , January 21 2021

Laura Acuña organized her daughter’s birthday party (PHOTOS)

This can be seen in several photos that the famous has shared on her Instagram account @lauraacunaayala, where she has almost 4 million followers.

The photos also show that they were present at the ceremony celebrity fathers, Germán Acuña and Yolanda Acuña.

This was the second celebration of Helena Kling Acuña’s life as she had the expected mini-celebration a week before her “return to the sun”. The ceremony was also held with the “Paw Patrol” award.

Photos from Laura Acuña’s daughter’s birthday with the paw patrol

The little girl had a party at which some dogs from “Paw Patrol” stood out which were part of the decorations and were of good size, so much so that in one of the photos the birthday girl appears on one of the fangs (this snapshot already has over 95,000 likes).

The decoration also included colored bombs on the site where the main table was located, which had other details related to this paw patrol, as well as large, illuminated 4 to emphasize the girl’s age.

The images charmed fans of Laura Acuña (who sent the show tip this week), that the photo I least ‘liked’ until Tuesday 8:30 was one of them Helena was next to her younger brother, Nicolás, and this exceeded 57,000 “likes”.

Here are photos from the firstborn birthday of RCN News presenter “El Semáforo”. One of the paintings accompanied the famous post in which she wrote to her heiress: “You are the culprit of my greatest joy, you are my first love and today, as every day, I hope that your life is full of health and wonderful surprises ”.

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