Mac Miller died of overdose, according to a court report


An American rapper, known for his retro hip-hop style and his songs about his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, died "for the toxicity of the drug."

Mac Miller died on Friday, September 7, at the age of 26.AFP

The American rapper Mac Miller, known for his retro hip-hop and his songs about his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, died a lethal mix of drugs and alcohol, said the medical office in Los Angeles on Monday. (Maybe you will be interested: Mac Miller died on Friday at the age of 26)

The 26-year-old musician, whose real name was Malcolm McCormick, was found dead at his home in Los Angeles on September 7, and the cause of his death was not set in anticipation of the investigation. (Read also: Ariana Grande, the purpose of the criticism and accusations about the death of Mac Miller)

The coroner's office claimed McCormick had died "due to the toxicity of the drug mixture": a powerful opiate of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol was found in his body. (Also: Ariana Grande and Mac Miller: did you finish?)

"Death has been confirmed as an accident" – he added.

Born in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and former pop star Ariana Grande, he released his latest album, Swimminga few days before his death and he was ready to start a new route.

"I loved you from the day I met you when I was 19 and I will always be," wrote Grande on the emotional post of Instagram after his death.

"We talk about it, so many times, I'm so angry, so sad that I do not know what to do," he added.

McCormick spoke openly about his addictions, and his music often dealt with depression and drug use.


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