Mate 20 Pro receives 4 out of 10 points in the "reparability" scale



iFixit catalogs Mate 20 Pro as a complicated cell phone for repair.


Mobile phone removal and repair specialists, iFixit, have not forgotten about the latest flagship phone from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The Mate 20 Pro This has already gone through the iFixit operating table and, according to experts, the phone can be repaired, although it is not exactly simple.

According to iFixit, the combination of metal and glass on the back of the phone requires heat – and patience – to be able to open them and access internal components. As explained, Huawei installed the components in separate modules, with many connectors that make disassembly difficult.

This modular separation, however, allows replacement of individual parts, which significantly reduces the cost of repair.

According to guys from iFixit, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be repaired, but it's a bit more arduous and slow task than on other current phones, such as Note 9, so iFixit puts 4 out of 10 on the reparation scale.

Difficulty dismantling the back or screen (by placing a fingerprint sensor in it) are just some of the points that make them get such a low score, although, as we mentioned earlier, the division into modules is a cost advantage.

You can see the complete disassembly of Mate 20 Pro on the iFixit official website.

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