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Sena and the district open 2100 additional places for students

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The beneficiaries of the alliance will be students of ten classes of public schools. 360 can participate in new places.

To further improve the quality of education, ensuring continuity of training processes, the office of the Mayor of Barranquilla will increase 2,100 places for students who enter secondary education in partnership with SENA in 2020 and 2,100 more by 2021, reaching a total of 13,500 places.

Barranquilla Mayor, Alejandro Char, emphasized the alliance with SENA, which enables the coverage and training of students in the city to improve the quality of education.

"This was one of the reasons we developed 12 new SENA locations. The goal is for our youth from public schools to benefit from this training from the moment they graduate, when they get an academic degree, they will have the basics that bring them closer to the labor market, "said Char.

The District and SENA have entered into this new agreement to increase the reach for FDI class 10 students using this program.

The Poviat Department of Education implements programs such as Articulation with Media in all district educational institutions in the city, where today there are 10,000 Barranquilla students with a double diploma per year, which is 6.6% of the country's total annual goal in the population with a double degree.

In addition, the contract provides for the implementation of a pilot program for 360 students, among those 2,100 who can choose a career at one of the 12 new SENA headquarters that were built in Barranquilla, such as: Energie, in the Montes neighborhood; Multilingualism in San José; Logistics and transport, in Caribbean Green; Construction, in Villas de San Pablo; Cooling, in Lipaya; Health in San Roque and administrative services in the El Bosque district.

They are added to the creative, hotel and tourism industries in Barrio Abajo; in addition to marketing and financial services in the urbanization of Las Cayenas.

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