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The ballad lacked Prince José José

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September became a gloomy month for the ballad. It began with the death of the Spanish singer and composer Camilo Sesto (September 8), and ended with the death of another great Mexican José José, known worldwide as the Prince of the Song.

The news was confirmed by his assistant Laura Núñez, who explained that the 71-year-old artist is struggling with pancreatic cancer, which caused him to lose a lot of weight and completely compensated for it, so he spent his last days in a hospital in southern Florida (USA).

"We regret the sensitive death of the singer José Rómulo Sosa, better known as José José," the Mexican Culture Secretariat announced on Twitter, and his son José Joel posted a black ribbon of mourning on his social networks.

José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, what his name was, had a great career that lasted over 50 years. He began to play the guitar, serenades and perform in nightclubs. The one who was born in Mexico gained world fame in 1971 thanks to the interpretation of El Triste, a theme by Robert Cantoral, at the OTI festival, a competition in which he would take third place. The success of this topic was such that it was recorded by such artists as Daniel Santos, Yuri, David Visbal, Eddie Santiago and Cristian Castro. The latter at the concert, which he offered last Thursday at the Jumbo Hall of Country Club, paid tribute to "The Ship of Oblivion" and "El triste", which caused a rain of applause.

His musical career grew, supported by a Spanish-speaking audience that did not bother singing classics such as 40 and 20, Pillow, I gave up to you, Loving and wanting, Ship of oblivion, Don't tell me you're leaving, Prisoner, What wasn't, will not be , I want to get lost with you and a long list of successful melodies.

He sold over 120 million records worldwide and quickly achieved fame. In the 80s he was a celebrity, but then fame reached him.

Interestingly, Iberian Camilo Sesto, who just died, composed a great success. If you leave me now, which allowed him to hear in non-Spanish countries such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Russia and the United States. He has received nine consecutive Anglo-Saxon Grammy nominations in the Best Latin Pop Performance category (1995–2004). The following year, the Academy awarded him a Grammy in recognition of his successful career as a singer.

He also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He earned 22 gold and platinum records for his high sales and had the luxury of filling large facilities, such as Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Las Dunas or the National Auditorium of Mexico. His success was not limited to ballads, he also shone with such genres as bolero, pop, rancher, jazz and Bossa Nova, being the last two beginnings.

As a true sign that his talent has no limits, José José also played in the cinema, starring in films such as Looking for a Smile, The Million Run, Gavilán or Dove, Taste Me and Forgive Me All. He also participated in soap operas such as The Most Beautiful Ugly.

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