Tuesday , November 24 2020

the result of the draw on Saturday, November 21

The Italian-owned betting company announced all the winners of the draw via its social networks. Also, confirmed that the Jackpot Jackpot from the rematch remains without a lucky winner.

“This year has fallen again and this time the multi-lucky guy is in town with a tray of paisa and eternal spring [Medellín]“The company wrote on Sunday on its official Twitter account.

Baloto results on November 21

Accumulated this Saturday, November 21, totaled 13,000 million pesos, with no rebates that the winner must consider and winning superball was number 16.

For its part, the five remaining winning voting cards in the draw, whose jackpot remained in Medellín, were:

Baloto Revanch results on November 21st

In the case of Revanch Ballot, 59,700 million pesos were amassed, and no one took the jackpot, but there were other winners. L.The super ballot that came out was number 2 and the other five numbers looked like this:

In the YouTube video below, you can see full draw Ballot this Saturday, November 21:

Voting winners on November 21

Total, There were approximately 29,347 winners in the draw on Saturday, November 21st (with a jackpot of 13,000 million), almost 7,000 more than last Wednesday’s announcement.

Here’s who won, except who hit the jackpot and how much they took, regardless of the discounts:

Rematch winners on November 21

While none of the players matched the five ballots plus superball, there were a total of 23,735 winners in the Revanch Ballot draw, $ 1’127.437 million is the best prize of the day.

“Revenge is waiting for you, run for a ticket and play for 59,700 million pesos in the draw next Wednesday, the third is a charm,” concluded the bookmaker.

Here is the breakdown of the prizes in the latest Revanch draw:

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