Monday , January 25 2021

They bring the first official Pokéball replica to the market

Who wouldn’t want a Pokéball to catch their favorite monsters? The Pokémon company will make our dreams come true and set us free the first official replica of a Pokéball It seems to come from the very pocket of Ash Ketchum.

The Pokémon Company in collaboration with The Ward Company will put up for sale for a modest amount of a completely faithful replica of the Pokéball that every trainer needs. With a detailed finish, motion sensors and built-in lighting, this could be the best replica we’ve ever seen.

Pokéball It will have a motion sensor that it detects when you try to get closer to modify the lights, in addition to integrating a touch sensor that will also change its lighting. On the other hand, it has an all-metallic body colored in classic Pokéball shades.

An extra detail will highlight the center button when you hold it in your hand.

Everything you need to be the best coach | Photo: The Wand Company / The Pokemon Company

“The Pokéball’s metal case is cast metal and has a richly colored surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. With a shiny button and illuminated presentation case, this Pokéball is the long-awaited collector’s item that Pokémon fans have wanted, and the first in the Pokéball collection. “

An almost exact replica of a Pokéball will sell for $ 99.99which is approximately 2015 pesos in the Mexican national currency. Another good news is that this is just the beginning of a new collection of accessories inspired by this indispensable cookware. Pokémon. In addition, The Wand Company plans to revive Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Premier Ball in the future.

Thanks to information from The Wand Company.


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