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Watch the changes in metro schedule this weekend


While working at Picacho Metrocable, metro Medellín will change its service schedule for line A and line K this Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3.

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So on Saturday, November 2 between 21.30 and 23:00 (after the commercial service is over), Line A will run between Estrella – Caribe stations. No service will be provided between Acevedo and Niquía. This means that the stations Acevedo, Madeira, Bello and Niquía will not be turned on.

From 21:30 there will be a train between Caribe – Tricentenario and Tricentenario – Caribe stations to guarantee the transfer of users to the Tricentenario station.

On this day, between 21.30 and after the commercial service (23:00) the meta-cable line K (Acevedo-Santo Domingo) will not provide the service.

On Sunday between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 m, a commercial A line service will be provided between Estrella – Caribe stations. There will be no service between Acevedo and Niquía stations. Similarly, a train will run between Caribe-Tricentenario and Tricentenario-Caribe during this time period.

From 8:00, line A will run normally between La Estrella and Niquía. The Metrocable K line will start its operation at the usual time, i.e. at 8:30 am.

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Metro Medellín has announced through its institutional channels that during these temporary suspensions, on Saturdays and Sundays, integrated routes serving Acevedo, Madeira, Bello and Niquía stations will be integrated with Line A at Caribe. Those who integrate into Tricentennial will continue to provide their services normally from this station. This means that the integrated routes 261ii, 263i, 263ii and 261ii Transportes Medellín Castilla.

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