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Do You use WhatsApp always chat with friends and family? You have to read it. The popular application allows several users to communicate with whoever they want in real time and from anywhere in the world. However, some people have downloaded the version that offers them much more.

We are talking about WhatsApp Plus V9.00, alternative use of the original WhatsApp that it brings a number of novelties, which in most cases are fully enjoyed by those who downloaded it.

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While you can also chat, send photos, videos, GIFs or animated stickers, you also have the option to change the color of the entire WhatsApp platform, as well as receive self-destructing messages.

Some things can be found in Whatsapp Plus V9.00 son:

  • Added “Enable Chats” and “Separate Groups” with no IG history
  • Fixed “unread” counter oscillation in Group tab
  • Fixed broadcast icon not appearing in messages
  • Inoperative solid blue hidden microphone Status “permanent visible” / “invisible color” does not work on the status page
  • Fixed “hide display state” in privacy settings
  • Fixed a bug when setting wallpaper in chat / group
  • The title of the permanent UI tab is displayed when you switch pages
  • Improved UI title sometimes displayed twice
  • Line feed is disabled by default.
If you download WhatsApp Plus v9.00, you will see this update message.  (Photo: MAG)
If you downloaded WhatsApp Plus v9.00, you will see this update message. (Photo: MAG)

However, it should be noted that if you have the application on your mobile, you may have a lot of problems in the future. Why?

  • WhatsApp informs via its website that if you have a non-genuine app, your number may be banned and you will never be able to access the official app again.
  • It also indicates that your conversations on WhatsApp Plus V9.00 are not encrypted, which means that anyone or third parties can read your chats without your knowledge.
  • The modified application will have access to the entire contact list, so you need to be very careful as what you write or write on WhatsApp Plus V9.00 may affect your friends.

How to reply to WhatsApp messages without being “online”

Has someone written to you on WhatsApp and you don’t want the rest of you to know you’re “online”? Learn a simple trick of replying to a message without having to open the app, and most importantly, without your friends knowing you’re on a call.

How it’s done? For this, you don’t need to disconnect Wi-Fi, data, or simply download a third-party app, which in turn may affect the privacy of WhatsApp conversations.

A lot of people are using the various features of the fast messaging app these days, such as sending GIFs, photos, videos, animated stickers, documents, but few know some of the hidden details in the app.

Here we will teach you How can you send and send messages without going online? You just need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is wait for someone to send you a message.
  • Then when you receive an SMS or alert in WhatsApp, just go to the notification bar.
  • In this step, move the bar and you will notice that the last received message is displayed.
  • Later, you have to click on that message and a very special arrow will appear.
  • Click on that arrow and two options will open: reply or mark as visible.
  • In this case, press “Responder” and write the message you want. Finally, click “Submit”.


As every year, WhatsApp has introduced a new emoji list to its conversation platform. Recently added icons of mate, paella, bat, mototaxi, tooth, clown, ostrich, among other characters and / or items. This time, thanks to Emojipedia, some of the emoticons that will be part of the application at the end of 2020 have been made public.

While WhatsApp added 230 new emojis in November, those 117 numbers are expected to be seen only this month.


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