Sunday , June 20 2021

10 years younger VIDEO: Drahomíra attacked! Tomáš left his friend on his birthday – Prá

Drahomíra has a loving husband, but she still has not recovered from the divorce and brutal attack from which she carried scars on her body and soul. The perpetrator cut her off, and Drahomíra remained unpleasant scars. "When someone is holding a knife at the neck, you do not see him at the moment, you do not hear. Almost no, but now I have a wonderful family – says tears in Drahomir's eyes.

Tomas left his friend on his birthday. He can not meet anyone he falls in love with, sometimes he is the target of uncomfortable remarks about his appearance. In the hidden soul, he wants his friend to come back.

In turn, both buddies set out with the desire to be nice and attractive again. They will be accompanied by a highly professional team of plastic surgeons, aesthetic dermatologists, stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists.

Tomorrow at 21:30 in Nova, we'll find out how it all goes!

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