A former deputy mayor was injured in an apartment in Příbram – News.cz


The information was confirmed by the mayor of Pribram Jindřich Vařka (ANO). The event took place before 18.00 on the street Bratři Čapek, three people suffered burns. A badly hurt woman was carrying a helicopter to the burning center of the Prague hospital Vinohrady. The rescuers then moved two juveniles to the hospital. [celá zpráva]

"Unfortunately, it's true, she's really the deputy mayor, her children have been injured, I have no more information," said Vařek.

Lack of sense

The researcher estimated damage for 300,000 crowns, the value saved up to two million. "The cause of the fire is an investigation conducted in cooperation with the criminal police, one of the investigative versions is the handling of flammable liquids," said Jaroslav Gabriel, a spokesman for the fire brigade.

A spokeswoman for the pirate police, Monika Schindl, said that criminals are still investigating the case. "There was no evidence suggesting the intentional actions of other people," she added.


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