Monday , November 30 2020

A thick line behind the past. Meghan and Harry gave way to Princess Eugenia

Although Harry and Meghan left the royal family in the spring, they are left with many noble benefits. For example, the mansion with large plots of Frogmore Cottage west of London, where no one has lived for several months.

That is why the prince gave it to his cousin, Princess Eugenia, writes the portal Sun. He would definitely use it better. She and her husband Jack Brooksbank are expecting their first child.

According to the sources of the letter, the former princely couple must have flew in from Santa Barbara, California a few weeks ago, to oversee the eviction of furniture and other items. Then Harry handed Eugenia the keys.

“Frogmore Cottage was chosen by Meghan and Harry at the time because it is the perfect place to raise children. It will come in handy now. Another advantage is that Eugenie has parents and, of course, a queen around the corner, said a source familiar with the royal situation. family.

The house will remain the property of Harry and Meghan, although no one expects to return to England permanently after fleeing to California in the near future. But part of him, even after Eugenia and Jacek have moved in, will serve them when they come to visit.

Two years have passed since Meghan and Harry got married this year:

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