Wednesday , January 20 2021

Also, Škoda in Kvasiny uses ostrich feathers or smart gloves

The view of the Yeast car factory begins at the welding shop where up to 1,500 car bodies are assembled daily. A large part of the related welding work is performed by a total of 893 robots.

On the assembly line, it produces more than 50 cars per hour, so on each of the six days of the week about 1,200 cars of these models are produced here.

At this plant, Škoda automates production and implements new technologies from Industry 4.0. For example, smart gloves are present in the logistics process. On the contrary, the old-fashioned need for ostrich feathers in the paint shop.

The plant required hundreds of millions of investments to start production of the Superb iV, the plug-in hybrid variant that accompanied the regular facelift versions. The first specialty is already at the beginning of the production process, in the welding shop. This is because the flooring on the Superb iV is different. Both in terms of shape and stiffness – it had to be strengthened.

The changes are related as usual with the addition of a high voltage battery. At one point, the movement of the chassis frames branches; those for plug-in hybrids go to the place where the battery is located using a handheld manipulator. Then the plug-in hybrids with conventional engines come together again to separate at the end of the process, while loadable trucks await specific finishing work.

Superb frees up space

In recent weeks, the factory in Kvasiny has attracted public attention mainly due to the relocation of the top model Superb, which will be used by the Volkswagen Passat in Bratislava in the next generation from 2023.

The reason is simple, the capacity of Czech factories is already insufficient, including in Kvasiny, and there must be room for large-series SUVs, but it will also allow the production of the new generation Fabia Combi.

“We welcome the decision regarding the planning of the use of the group’s facilities. At Škoda Auto, we will acquire additional production capacity in the Czech Republic, which is urgently needed in our development plan. This will create the conditions for further expansion of our brand while maintaining high profitability, ”explains Thomas Schäfer, President of the Management Board of Škoda Auto.

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