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Another political billionaire breaks into Babiš's dream of a city full of officials

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's dream of a priest city in Letniany has fulfilled the multi-billion dollar vision of another big businessman with political commitment. The loop that Babiš wanted to get out of land disputes with the capital's mayor, Zdeněk Hřib, directly affected the business of the financier and real estate mogul Pavel Sehnal, who revived the political brand ODA before the last parliamentary elections. He is also the deputy mayor of Letňany.

The prime minister, after disputes with Hřib regarding lands belonging to Prague, and the mayor asks for money, among others for completing the oblast, is interested in others belonging to the Institute of Aeronautical Research and Testing. It reports to the Ministry of Finance and has plots of land next to those in which the prime minister originally wanted to build.

And there is PVA Expo Praha, which is run by one of the fifty Sehnal companies – ABF. "Nobody should disturb or destroy the building," said ABO president Tomáš Kotrč at an extraordinary press conference on Friday. "The fairgrounds cannot be canceled, the buildings are mine, I have 700 million under construction," said Sehnal.

Pavel Sehnal on the initiative of building a government district. (Video:

Sehnal presented his own visualization of land use over 30 hectares. It included a government district for 10,000 officials, as well as apartments with a capacity of 40 to 50,000 new residents in Letňany or an administrative center for 15,000 employees as a job offer for immigrants.

Photo: ABF.

Sehnal presented his proposal to Katarzyna Arajm, Babiš, Hřib and the head of the Bureau of State Representation for Property Affairs. "The reactions were different, but both sides are interested – the negotiations were very impressed," he said about how the mayor and prime minister looked at his project.

Each project, both original, Sehnal, and the vision of building at the Institute of Aviation, regardless of Sehnal, still depends on the consent of Prague and the prime minister. Even if the government project was not created in Prague, the capital must change the spatial development plan so that tall buildings can grow there.

"I believe they will both agree, and we're trying to put material on the table that has some degree of detail and knowledge to be able to base it on," said Sehnal.

The application also covers the hospital. This was a key dispute between Boletus and Babis, and since he was included in the study, Sehnal promised that he could lead to reconciliation between the mayor and the prime minister.

Mayor Hřib after the last meeting with Andrej Babiš. (Video:

As a precondition for construction in Letňany on Prague's land, Zdeněk Hřib had to start negotiations that the state would finance the completion of Prague's outer and inner beltway and build a new hospital. Babiš refused, saying that Prague needs a trauma center, not a hospital.

"I do not agree with the mayor Hřib to be another state hospital. We have enough state hospitals, I am a right-wing politician and I tell Mayor Hřib that it should be a private hospital, "said Sehnal about the hospital construction plan, responding to Hřib who wanted a state hospital on site.

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