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As an ancient goddess, she outshined a whole generation younger Jasmin – eXtra.cz

Slovak diva Dara Rolins (46) has recently been criticized by people for reminding Eva Pilar (80) at the premiere of a new diary, and some have even speculated about all surgical interventions that the singer certainly underwent. But Dara does nothing and clearly shows everyone that she does not belong to the old iron. Even with her artistic model, she outshine the younger generation Jasmine Alagic (30), who went to a fashion show a few months after giving birth and looked very good.

26 September 2019 21.14 |
Author: Markéta Kuč

Recently Dara Rolins (46)
she baptized her diary and earned a nice card from her people
look. The photographer captured her in a rather unflattering moment and people
social networks immediately began to pay attention to the number of sculptures of singers
in the face and if it's not like Ewa Pilar.

Fortunately, Dara's feet are firmly grounded, and some are negative
the comments just don't bother her. Only a few days and appeared
in a beautiful antique model in which she was literally

The singer is forty-six years old, but she takes care of her appearance
maybe they exercise regularly and try to eat properly because they are too much
he is well aware that the perfect character at this age is not free.

Of course, fans melt over the model and Slovak look
singers and took reverse gear. Some even think at your fingertips
Jasmin Alagič, his generation younger than this, surpassed his artistic appearance
Recently, the first parade took place after delivery. What do you think


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