Monday , January 18 2021

Carriers limit the number of shipments. Parcel delivery is delayed by up to three days

Larger warehouses, more cars and new employees. Couriers get stronger before Christmas

For example, one of the largest parcel carriers DPD has applied the emergency brake. Due to the large number of parcels, he had to limit the number of parcels that he could accept for transport. If the daily limit is exceeded, the carrier’s system will suggest the next possible free date for sending the shipment.

The measure was also taken by GLS. Temporarily suspends pickup at the address indicated and parcels must be delivered to a pickup point.

According to Miroslav Michalek, head of the online courier search engine, the transport of goods is already difficult on sorting lines and warehouses. For the vast majority of couriers, these machines operate automatically, but can only sort a limited number of shipments per day.

Up to four times more shipments than usual

The number of shipments posted is a record in recent days. Black Friday also played a big role in this. “This year’s coronavirus holiday season is the greatest challenge we have experienced in our ten-year history. In the current months of the year, we transport around 150,000 shipments a day, now it is around 400,000, ”says Milan Šmíd from Zásilkovna.

Last week, Zásilkovna delivered a total of 1,843,000 shipments from Monday 23 November to Sunday 29 November, compared to over a million shipments in the same week last year.

The most successful Black Friday ever. Online stores increased sales by half

The PPL carrier confirms similar results. “This year’s Black Friday combined with government restrictions means 100% growth for us year on year. Compared to the normal situation, the volumes are about three times larger. Within 24 hours, our network exceeds 700,000 shipments, which is a record so far, ”adds Petr Horák, CEO of PPL.

Miroslav Michalko also confirms the mentioned trends. “The situation from spring repeats itself, but this time it is mixed up with Christmas. Shipment volumes are the largest in history, parcel transport has never experienced anything like this. At the same time, every night, all bearers now pray that the snow will come only after the holidays. Snow and frost can significantly complicate the collection and delivery of packages in some areas, he says.

The Czech Post Office is also a huge move. According to spokesman Matyáš Vitík, the cleaning craze among the Czechs started in full swing at the weekend when Black Friday ended. At one point, there were almost 1.1 million parcels in the Czech Post’s transmission network, while last year’s record hit “only” 500,000.

“Česká pošta did not limit its services neither in the branch network nor to packet delivery. Our capabilities are on the verge of sustainability, but we manage the collection, processing and delivery of packages. We would like to express our gratitude to all our employees who, in this hidden period, immediately perform the impossible, miracles until the next day, ”says Roman Knap, President of the Czech Post.

Delivery of parcels is delayed

Due to the high influx, in some cases the delivery itself is delayed. The problems admitted, inter alia, PPL carrier. “Since the end of last week, we have started to activate the network utilization activities and are currently delivering some of our shipments with a delay of one to three days,” said Petr Horák.

According to the analysis, online shopping will increase by a third this year. Christmas will be a record

However, it seems that the carrier is still waiting for an increase in the number of shipments. “Record numbers will be in the week from December 14, when we expect up to 550,000 shipments a day in the Czech Republic, for the entire Packet group up to 800,000 a day,” says Milan Šmíd from Zásilkovna.

According to Kateřina Ovesna from Messenger, the number of parcels is increasing until the last week of Christmas. “During this period, we are also increasing the transport of Christmas gifts that companies send to their contractors. During the pre-Christmas period, we also transport several thousand parcels of this type every day. We expect even more growth this year as people cut back on business meetings where they usually gave some gifts in person, she said.

“Before Christmas, the range of typically festive goods will increase significantly, which is often more difficult to find in stone stores during the festive season,” said Michal Menšík of the logistics start-up DoDo.

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