Monday , January 18 2021

Cruelly sincere repentance Gotta: And is she surprised that Ivana doesn’t have to ?!

As she admits, the reason for the quarrel between her and her stepmother was primarily her uncontrolled addiction to alcohol and drugs, the inability to face troubles. Gott she mentioned that Ivana herself was initially looking for a good treatment. But Dominika never joined any of the institutions she was looking for. It has probably started to happen a bit since then. “I had a period of problems and she was angry that I was complaining about something. She said that when she had a problem she kept it to herself and didn’t burden others, that I was worried about my daddy about my problems and it didn’t help her. Then our relationship began to fall apart – she admitted herself critically.

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At the same time, she admits in retrospect that she did not make it easier for her father. “Our relationship was great until I was in big trouble. He told me that I was worsening his health and that he was very ill after summoning me, ”describes Gottová.

But the wife defended and protected her beloved husband. Besides, she knew how much she relied on her reputation: “Ivana thinks I’m the black sheep of the whole family, she was annoyed that I embarrassed my father, but it looked promising in a wheelchair. She said it was unbelievable how I got together that she needs praise. I wish Dad could see it, she recalled.

Nevertheless, they had not been in contact since the funeral. “I’ve been here for a year and haven’t received a text message or a phone call from her since my last call back to her,” the Master’s eldest daughter concluded.

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