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Dukovany should get EZ, Babi said. The company's shares are falling and talking about the issue of minority shares

The nuclear power plant in Dukovany has been operating since 1985 and 1987. According to estimates, the current blocks are to reach 2035 years.

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The construction of the new Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, according to Prime Minister Andrei Babi (ANO), should be ensured by the daughter company of EZ, which uses electricity. Stt is ready to support investments that will guarantee that it will be a success, Babi said. EZ says it has a minority stake. EZ shares at the premiere of the stock market dropped to 551 crowns. Rann traded at 555 kroons per share.

The EZ president Daniel Bene said on Thursday that preparations for the construction of a new nuclear unit are under way. "For us, we are all at the same level as the state institutions and EZ, to whom we are devoted," he said. The highest numbers can be expected after the end of work, after 2027. He added. It would be better if the esk energy was one hundred percent. "I think it would be worth saying whether it would not save minority activities, but this discussion is not bad," he said.

"We are convinced that the investment is effective and is reversible," said Babi during a seminar on the Dukovany power plant in Vala, Tebsku. He said it was not true that he was now considering extending the Dukovan block. "We want to analyze all the money, but we are convinced that we want EZ to build a new block in Dukovany," said the premier.

The daughter of the company, which according to Baba was supposed to take care of the construction of the block, should have the advantages of Dukovan and Temelna. The investment will be guaranteed by EZ, stt will be a pogo species. You should have technology and technology to build your block and according to misfortune. He stated this in relation to the spreading bricks in Finland and Slovakia.

"Unlike the premiere, I doubt that the construction of new nuclear reactors at Dukovany could be economically efficient and exchangeable, which is one of the most expensive sources of electricity," Edvard Sequens from the environmental organization Calla said in press releases. He used the pre-production reactor project in the world. You are invited to comment on the economic implications of the investor model for building new reactors in public space and consumers who should be ready to enter, he added.

The Minister of Industry and Trade Marta Novkov (for TAK) said in August, and by the end of the summer year should decide about the financial model for the construction of a new national nuclear unit. At the end of June, Babi spoke of a monk extending Dukovan's life for ten years.

The mayors of the area, including the region of Wysoczyn, have Dukovan support. The seminar was forwarded by a security committee working on princely electricity. But John said in the middle of the year, she knew from the point of view of certainty that he would decide to build a block. "At the end of June we will drink from the sky, first of all we will prolong the operation of the Dukovany power plant for 60 years, and we will take the decision on a new construction for ten years," he said. Babi was nonsense at first. "We would be in the middle of space, we would be here for the MSC" – he said.

"Do not put us in such a way as to say it will be December 31. We want to decide and decide, and we will have enough knowledge," said Vali Novkov. She said she wanted to meet the energy concept, the prolonged life of the Dukovany block meant an alternative. Even according to n, the construction of a new mill unit would deal with EZ, which would also be financed financially. "EZ has been doing this for several years with high profits and dividends," she said.

"Minority shareholders have clearly demonstrated their nuclear energy," said EZ spokesman Ladislav K. He said it was a long-term strategic investment, but from a short-term perspective, profitability is debatable. Litigation can block the building for years. "It's easy to do," said K ..

The Prime Minister said that minority shareholders have different interests. Mainly EZ wants to go back to business, he added.

The construction of a nuclear block in the esk is a company according to two sources. Russian company Rosatom, French EDF, South Korean KHNP, Chinese general nuclear power plant, joint project Areva and Mitsubishi Atmea and American Westinghouse History of the Nuclear Safety Committee (SJB) Dana Drbov did not mention the best KHNP reference because you recently borrowed and talked about a nuclear unit in the United States Emirates.

EZ is the most energy-intensive company. The majority shareholder is a state that owns 70% of shares in the Ministry of Finance. Dukovany nuclear power plants with a total installed capacity of 2040 megawatts will be consumed in electric cars in the Czech Republic.

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