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Gear VR glasses are dead. The head of Oculus sees them as a missed opportunity –

Samsung Gear VR goggles have apparently been summarized for good. The first generation of glasses was released in 2014 along with the Galaxy Note 4 and was the result of cooperation between Samsung and Oculus, which are now owned by Facebook. While the Gear VR platform has been ragged for the past few years, Samsung took care of it at least with the help of adapters that guarantee compatibility with older glasses models. However, Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphone has not restored compatibility with the latest generation of glasses (2017).

So far, none of the stakeholders commented on why Gear VR went bankrupt after five years. Oculus boss John Carmack noted a few sentences at the just-ended Oculus development conference for Gear VR. According to him, Gear VR days are counted, even if the software is still supported. Carmack sees Gear VR lost a chance, even though Gear VR has sold far more than Oculus headsets. However, users have not used glasses too often, especially due to the complexity of the system, concerns about the battery life of the phone, etc.

The head of Oculus pointed out that Samsung wants to integrate cameras with Gear VR to enable tracking 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom). However, Oculus rejected it due to the lack of smartphone performance and possible playback problems that could undo old, long-solved problems. In addition, Oculus and Samsung began to diverge, while Oculus pushed a simple Google Cardboard or Oculus Go style design, Samsung continued to insist on a comprehensive, modern solution that would show its technological readiness. Something like Oculus Quest glasses.

Perhaps that is why Gear VR is over because Samsung has not been able to significantly shift the virtual reality segment since its release. For several generations, they were still the same glasses with minimal modifications to suit larger and larger smartphones. Within five years, only a reinforced screen between the eyes, a USB-C connector, a more pronounced foam padding or a fan were added. And this is of little value …

Introducing the Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses:

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