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If you only had an hour to play this year, give it to Pilgrims

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I don't have Amanita games, it's a sentence that no one has ever said. Even in the toxic environment of computer games on the Internet, three productions of Jakub Dvorska's studio were uncritically positive. No wonder it is built on universal values ​​and in its simple mechanisms to fulfill the basic idea of ​​pool games, and thus simply play.


The graphics are optimized for small cell phone displays, but the game works well on a PC.

Pilgrims were unexpected as one of the first titles promoting the launch of the new Apple Arcade (see below). It can also be found on Steam, but at first glance it is likely to be optimized for small cell phone displays.

In jdr it is a classic adventure, but with the rules of the game limited to a minimum. As with other Amanita games, you do not get rid of the view of the right solutions of primitive queries, but rather the exploration of dead ends, for which they are rewarded with funny animations.

The game takes place in a fairy tale in which you have to do some good deeds to cross the land through the river. There are several playable characters, suited to the specific situation, that form the basis of the game. It manifests itself in the fact that you place objects in the scn from the inventor and try to try what is happening.

For example, the entry of a thick bear bear into the kad cave reacts differently – the bandit wants to fight him, the fairy grandmother wants to fight him again. In any case, with the problem of coping in their own way presented, thanks to them Pilgrims are known non-linear.

If it's dark, there are only 15 places, so you can reach the end in about 45 minutes. You will immediately feel the need to try again and try the other one, in em vs versus unioznan. For about a hundred, enjoy the silence for up to three hours of cool edges that have reliably conjured up smv on your face.

This is the basis of technical processing, which is the magic of the lining. Let's talk about drawing graphics, unlimited animanch vtpk advertising or great Floex music in a very special way. This is not in our games, Amanita games are extremely rare and even in a flood of independent games that have been created lately, they have no competition.

If they were a little Pilgrimage, Amanita confirmed their impeccable build and I can't even imagine anyone who would not recommend it with a calm heart. If you're just starting out with Apple, you can play the Apple Arcade arcade game for free.

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