Monday , January 18 2021

I’m overwhelmed, says Hamilton about his resignation from the Sachír GP –

This morning Mercedes announced Lewis Hamilton will miss the Grand Prix Sachir as it tested positive for the coronavirus. After Racing Point drivers, Hamilton is the third infected driver this year.

It is not yet clear whether Hamilton will make it to the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Considering this is a week after Sachir, it’s at least uncertain.

“Hi, I’m overwhelmed that I won’t be racing this weekend,” wrote Lewis Hamilton.

“From the start of the season in June, my team and I took every precaution and followed the rules wherever we were to stay safe.

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“Unfortunately, even though I had three negative results last week, yesterday morning I woke up with mild symptoms and asked for another test that was positive. I immediately went into ten days’ isolation. “

“I’m depressed that I won’t be able to race this weekend, but my priority is to follow the protocols and advice to protect others.”

“I am really happy to be fine and to have only mild symptoms. I will try to stay fit and healthy. “

“Please be careful. You can never be too careful. These are difficult times for everyone and we need to make sure we care for ourselves and others.”

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