Krska from Ostrava is at the age of 30 the main trainer in the soup. It was a dog bed, laughing at Hockey


PRAGUE This is the first European train that trains some of the professional mosquitoes. And it's only 30 years. How is it? amazing fitness world championship bikini in 2015 Karolina Huvrov became coach of Carolina Thunderbirds in the Federal Hockey League (FHL), because the train of darkness and murder Andrho Nicce, disciplinary committee, were punished by stamping by estizpas entry to the stairwell.

A bit, incidentally, also from Ostrava, who has long played in Austria and the pot in the most sporting class in the team of Havova and Porubasa, she was in FHL for a long season and made her blonde have dark hair.

And after the punishment of espaspas at the end of June for Niece, Huvrov became angry because the assistant koueJosh Pietrantonio is a playwoman, so changes in the instructions and instructions of Huvrov.


With just 163 centimeters, it will often be a two-meter high hill, and you must listen to it because you have no authority for the status quo.

And he knows how to stand out. In addition, Kanaan, Amerian, Rus, Blorus and Slovka and her Karel Drahord, Dominik Fejt, Petr Panek, Ji Parg and Jan Salk won 6: 0 and 3: 1.

Sure, a girl from Ostrava started working with a train in the USA and rode a train to twenty hockey players. Well, it's clear, the bed in the oven, Huvrov said on his blog.

I met Andrho, with whom I was in my professional life. He, a professional hockey player, was inside, when he had to decide if he would go on the train to describe how he got to zmo.

In the first season, when he was the train driver, I drank him to the United States. After I met the owners and learned that I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor, the word gave a voice, and the next season we went together while we were driving, continued Huvrov.

And after disciplinary punishments for her body, she has been a stupid since the end of the year.

they are the best when they come to them. It's very exciting, I'm not just a Barbie doll for a stdace. I watched hockey for a long time, and fans should know that it is in their hands, she added.

Would he have swallowed her on the ice when Huvrov saw that the ice was flying?


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