LIVE: Pilsen leads to Ostrava, overflowing Slavia?


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    Ostrava was active, Fillo kicked a corner kick.

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    Baník continues to play sharply and tries to make it as ruthless as possible.

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    The second half just started!

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    The shot was last in the first half. Zbyněk Proske finished his first act.

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    Goal! Jan Kopic did not put the ball at the center of the spot, shot and beautifully flooded all that he himself, including Laštůvka. Plzeň made it through the home team's fans: 1 –

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    Finally, we had a 100% chance. Ostravy's players now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. The team player, as it is the leadership of the team team! Baník kicker shot kicked him off, Roman Hubnik.

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    Fleisman fought in the balloon of Ekpa and forced his team. But the coach did not find the coach.

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    The guests missed the poor passage. He did not find the good headquarters of the Limbers recipient, despite the fact that he had lots of red and blue lime in the lime.

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    Another good combination on the left. Daniel Holzer shot in a shot from a long range of spots.

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    Miners were alive. The first shot was taken by Jirásek, a moment later Hrubý burned, the ball reaching the goal.

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    Great center on the left side of Holzera, but Šašinka tried to stop his head but the ball was down.

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    Laštůvka conducted a long-term experiment at Romano Procházka's workshop.

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    Pilsen has a technical team and tries to reach the goal through a combination. Baník relies more on blasting balls and Shašinka power strikers.

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    Meanovic's bad start was corrected by János's teammate.

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    Fighting is still a fight, not a beautiful sight. Greater chance for the audience to wait.

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    Ostrava plays aggressively and makes many mistakes. It should be added that the Plzen football fans are very fond of, and they often add casting to the collapse.

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    In the first corner they fought at home. Failed.

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    Ostrava gets into the game slowly. You want to strengthen your big domestic balance. He won 4 wins and only one loss from 6 matches.

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    And again on Baník's left bank. Now he tried his luck with the weakest leg, but the action was the same as before.

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    Jiří Fleišman, however, got stuck together.

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