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Mist that can be cut. Who played football? the Czech trainer returned

Darko Bandic. CTK / AP

"I said I did not see players on the other side of the field, I called for something because the players on the other side could not train or judge, but it's up to the judges," Latal said. "Fortunately, they've changed the white ball to orange" – added.

Trnavy coach Radoslav Látal in a match against Zagreb.

Darko Bandic

The fog, which was cut from the fairy tale about Rakknick, limited the view to the fans in the stands and implementation teams, not the players themselves. "Of course, the fog was unpleasant, especially at times when you wanted to turn the game on the other side." It was not clear who you were, "said Jakub Rada

"The visibility was fifty-six meters, but we certainly did not lose because of the fog", the Czech midfielder assured that the third defeat in Trnava in EL was not due to natural conditions.

The fans fell into the fog

Coach Látala had a bad view because of the fans. "I'm sorry for them, they've come a long way to see the match, but I think they have not seen anything." Why or why did football actually play? We want to fill the stadiums, but we play at an empty stadium at home and now the audience can not see anything anymore ", he reminded situation in the last match of Trnava with Dinamo, which after the intervention of the UEFA Disciplinary Commission was not a fan of the Slovak team.


Posted by FC Spartak Trnava on Thursday, November 8, 2018

"It's like playing two games without fans" – sighed the Czech coach.

Fog on the field
In a strong fog, the players of Zlín had to hide in the last year of the European League. The hosts' match with Copenhagen (1: 1) was interrupted for twenty minutes to cross the regularity limit.

Trnava with the group D leader lost 1: 3 and moved to the spring phase. Fenerbahce loses four points from third place.

Group D European league table
1. Dinamo Zagreb 4 4 0 0 11: 3 12
2. Fenerbahce 4 2 1 1 7: 6 7
3. Trnava 4 1 0 3 3: 7 3
4. Anderlecht 4 0 1 3 2: 7 1

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