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S nastartovnm elektromobility pomh Volkswagen Chancellor Merkelov

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Volkswagen tento ted official commissioned svho prvnho sriov vyrbnho model with purpose of ID Rodiny. The car is an ID.3 model, which is a postavenm model, for example a modular platform MEB pro vozidla with electric pohonem (for detail si ho prohldnte de). Troika v nzvu nen nhodou, compact electromobile m bt tetm nejdleitjm model signs v history, right after broukovi s golf.

Brouka a celou automobilku kdysi vymyslel tak nmeck chancl. His source was Adolf Hitler, 15 nora, 1936, five months in the Berlin car show. Pvodn se jmenoval KdF-Wagen, nazvan podististickace organization Kraft durch Freude (Radost k sle). Vce on the history of Volkswagen Brouk tte de


Angela Merkelov m v Nmecku ti domc automobilos concerns: VW, Daimler, BMW (Opel je dnes franoucsk, Ford americk). Aktuln jde ovemenviromentalistickm nladm ve spolenosti nejvc naproti prv Volkswagen. The company uvede to 2028 on trh tm 70 elektricky pohnnch model. By the end of 2023, investovat pays EUR 9 billion for electromobility, vtina tto stky je urena pro vrobn zvody v Nmecku.

And for this historical paradox on the world of nebylo mlo, vlajkovou ice tto zmny (slovy Angely Merkelov), eat Cvikov. Sask is that since 1957 there have been millions of trabantes, known as a symbol of all motorism.

Cvikovskou factory jumped after a pace, Berlin will support the Volkswagen Group, who has it, Carl Hahn, who bought such a product). Prvn VW Golf from zvodu v Cvikov vyjel 15. nora 1991. A v noru 1994 debutoval Golf CitySTROMer. It was a golf se zcela elektickm pohonem a v devadestch letech se de vyrbl as a sriov group electromobiles.

Tiadevadestilet Hahn was one of the most renowned hosts of the famous civic council, which was a complex building engineer of the automotive industry, as he was responsible for his development, Angela Merkelov and the engineer tried to work for him . Vme, e musme spchat, ekla Merkelov. Jsme pipraveni vyvinout velk sil. At the bottom of the chancelles, let them become a multifunctional electric car that never came, and that the electric car was sent by Volkswagen (truck driver – editor's note), stand as a brouk and golf.


Zahjen sriov viarki model ID.3 them pedzvst bay nov ry pro mark Volkswagen milnkem, porovnatelnm s prvnm broukem nebo prvnm golf. Cvikov bude hlavnm vrobnm zvodem pro tuto novou ru v automotive model. Postupn tento vrobn zvod transforms from 100 percent incinerator motor to 100 percent electromobility. This is a great stop to the system of change in the automotive industry, which will be done by the upcoming deseti and dvaceti let, he started his trip with Thomas Ulbrich, flax pedstavenstvo pro electromobilite. By 2028, the target group has been bringing together Volkswagen products with 22 million electric vozidel.

V Cvikov yes no reason for the electric motor v Evrop. Volkswagen invests to transformace tohoto zvodu with EUR 1.2 billion After completing this work, the kennel with sjdt montnch links and 330 tisc electromagnet ron, 30 tisc vozidel vce ne dosud.

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Zvod dust, transform for bnho provozu. Soubn s ppravou vrobes model ady ID bude until half of the year 2020 cover vroba model Golf Variant. After the intense interconnection, since April 2018 it was reconstructed with a fixed link. Tento project si vydal comprehensive modernization and renovation carosrny, lakovny, montn links and infrastructure. Veker pepravn technologies musela bt pizpsobena electromobility.

Following the recent development of the building of Cvikov vyrbt since 2021, it has been the model of concern groups (Volkswagen, Audi and Seat). Maximln vrobn kapacita zvodu pak vzroste from dosavadnch 1350 to 1500 bottom vozidel.

ID.3 je prvnm sriov vyrbnm model nov generace electromobiles. Modulrn platform MEB pro electromobiles them technickm and economical composition of electric offsets. Nov elektromobily budou vyrbny v 8 zvodech MEB v Evrop, n a USA. Clem je zmnit souasnou situaci, v n je electromobilite okrajovou zleitost, a doshnout stavu, v nm bude hrt stedn role ve spolenosti, uvd ve svm prohlen automobilka, nmeck vlda v tom wants autoproject help.

I am convinced that the final subsidy for the purchase of electric cars and so on their products is until the end of 2025. Angela Merkelov about the volume after opening factory in Cvikov mluvila se zstupci nmeckch automobiles.

For electromobiles in prices under 40 tisc eur (million korun) se m subsidies zvit with dosavadnch 4 tisc eur for 6 tisc eur (153 tisc korun). U voz s cenou vy ne 40 tisc eur m bt pspvek 5 tisc eur (128 tisc korun). Dosavadn systm subsidize, which ml pvodn konit v obledn den ptho year, the prices are over 60 tisc eur s dnm pspvkem nepotal.

Pro illustration: Volkswagen Volkswagen Group has put together the price of the ID.3 model under 30 eur eur (780 eur korun).

At the foot of the train, it would be used as a semi-trailer, pspvku ml cover, a sttn break, and a lonely car.

f Volkswagen Volkswagen Herbert Diess zrove five oteven cvikovsk elektofabriky at the server of has changed that bad luck on the electromobilite is not a problem, only if it is paid and zkaznkovi. Prv proto jsou podle nj the need for uhlkov dan, which would pevzaly regulan lohu, cites Diesse

Nor do I subsidize the volume to fill it with pedstava Merkelov, that in 2020 the building in Nmecku will drive a million electric cars (electromobile + plug-in hybrid). Zatm jich eat necelch 200 tisc pi celkovm sweu vce ne 47 million registrovanch separate voz.

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