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The Black Friday discount is simply depressing, warning Heurek's server

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This is the Shoptet statistic that Heureka.cz watches. Black Friday currently in e-stores is not one day or in the past, but stock discounts are practically MSC.

At this time, it can be seen that the prices of individual suppliers may range from the market average to 50%. This means that fantastic rebates have nothing to do with the respective offers, but only concern the return to the market price. That's why it's good to check prices even after discounts from other sellers, said Marketing Director Heureka.cz Michał Vodk.

The lowest discounts range from 30 to 40 percent, with an average of 34 percent. However, discounts are often for sale of TV models, electronics, mobile phones. This means that it is a natural discount. So before Christmas, the star gets better, and e-stores can get rid of it, then I get in the short run, and after the new year it will also sell new sales, said Miroslav Uan from Shoptet.

In a home environment, the Black Friday phenomenon, as a rebate or limited sweat, is part of it. It can not be expected that the situation in the next few years should change, said Adam Pcha from the bookshop in Dobrowsk. From year to year, we realize that most shopkeepers in the Czech Republic use this shopping center to try to put them in an unattractive way out of the warehouse. Stay current to know how to buy and how much volume you have in R, said Tom Pouch, Director of the Marketing Institute.

Retailers only discount in?

According to Jaroslav Borka, editor of Galeria Janow Borka Vakovka Brno, merchants in R were not able to work on rebates. Shopping in Black Friday takes place abroad for many years. In the Czech Republic, this fever has been a phenomenon for two and a half years. That's what Borz said, because it is the best way to do this.

In R, Black Friday was the dominant e-store, but it did. At Christmas, we should estimate that they will spend 44 billion crowns online. The peak can be expected on Monday, December 10th and subsequent days in which sales can exceed turnover and one billion a day, said Jan Vetyka, executive director of the Association for electronic commerce (APEK).

Last year, the turnover of domestic e-commerce in the last November of the week at discount events on the so-called Pt. Billions of crowns, the association said. Average discounts in e-stores amounted to 17%, according to Heureka.cz.

When in the previous year, on the eve of inspections carried out by the Inspection Inspectorate, 14 percent of inspections were carried out in 14 percent. It was not clear if the prices did not match the prices.

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