Sunday , May 16 2021

The car ran over the railroad crossing, a train collided with it. The child was seriously injured in the accident

The accident happened before three in the afternoon in Horní Tošanovice. “The driver apparently did not follow the road signs and drove to an unsecured railroad crossing while a passenger train was passing here,” said police spokeswoman Pavla Jiroušková.

The driver did not have a chance to stop the train in such a short time, so there was a collision in which both the 44-year-old driver and his underage pilot were seriously injured.

The man remained pressed into the car, so the firefighters had to free him from the debris. We managed to do it after 50 minutes, the intervention was very demanding. “The firefighters even had to move the train set up during the rescue operation. All units present were involved in the rescue operation, ”said fire service spokesman Lukáš Popp.

Then he was transported to the hospital by an emergency helicopter. A seriously injured girl, who did not look like a car when the firefighters arrived, also ended up in the emergency room.

“There were eight people on the train, no injuries occurred. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by investigators together with traffic police officers, ”explained Jiroušková.

GALLERY: Serious train and car accident in Frýdek-Místek

Source: HZS Moravskoslezského countries

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