Thursday , January 28 2021

The fast and cheaper covid test from Olomouc is certified. You will buy a subscription yourself

Compared to the classic PCR test, the result is known within an hour, and the price is one-third. Moreover, it is more sensitive than conventional antigen tests.

“From the beginning, we wanted to develop a test that would work without the need for RNA isolation, and the results could be obtained within an hour of collection. The test is suitable for the general public, ‘described research team leader Eva Kriegová.

The test is appropriate for the acute phase of the disease, which is the most risky for the spread of the virus. “On the contrary, it doesn’t prove people who have had the infection in the past,” she said.

The new type of screening test is important in identifying those who are infected with Covid-19 disease without symptoms. It is these people who can significantly spread the virus in the population.

The person takes the sample himself

The advantage of the method is the possibility of self-sampling, which eliminates the possibility of contamination of the sampling staff and saves the capacity of the sampling sites.

The self-swab is performed with a brush, which is closed in a microtube with a special substrate and sent to the laboratory. There, the virus heats up, so it loses its infectious capacity and carries out evaluation using PCR techniques.

Surface testing at events

Researchers from Olomouc see the future mainly in testing the terrain, for example during sports or cultural events.

“Our current solution will enable rapid testing at a reasonable cost and will be an alternative to antigen tests, which have lower sensitivity and require shorter intervals than current PCR tests,” said UP Journal Petr Kvapil from IAB, who collaborates with scientists from Olomouc.

According to the company, the cost of one SARS-CoV-2 virus test performed in this way is around 500 crowns.

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