the fruit of apples is record-breaking, but it does not spill


Apple's roots are record-breaking this year, but they are not cracked, they were poor and poor because of the dry letona. The prices for the purchase fell to Estonian value.

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The fruit of apples was this year, according to fruits and olives, you were not a loser. However, due to the dryness of the lime the apples have been or have been damaged. Therefore, the price of buying apricots has many fruits. Last year, a kilo of apples was bought for crowns. "This is the crowns of this year's crown, the ipod of the crown," said Ji Vojk, a fruit producer from Macak, for the esk radio. Although you have many fools who open people to eat apples, they will get a fee themselves. Pay brigdnky, do not pay them. Species of apples of the genus may be less expensive and opolowe last year.


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