The girl is sad again! Another ruin of the relationship! Great bitterness remained with a bitter aftertaste


The young musician has a singer and actress for two-year-old son Slavomir Rafael. Everyone was surprised when Slovak he did not appear at the premiere of the musical Trhák, where Míša excels.

They were afraid

"Felix does not want to express himself, he told me he left it to me" Misha said. "We broke up a few months ago, the relationship did not work, we are all different" He revealed.

They were both afraid and it was useless. So they would rather agree that each and every one of them will come to life. "Fortunately, we live a little apart, so Felix can have a little when she wants …" Zemánková assured.

Until the third

According to the information, Misha has a new friend, but he does not want to rush. Young Felix already has one son, Felix III. (7) with the musician Kateřina Málkova (35). Their relationship ended in 2015, when their son was three years old. Perhaps he will come out in the third.

He started with my dad

Problems with love began with the head of the Felix Slováček family (75). The musician never complained that loyalty is not his main advantage. She is the fifth year of her official mistress, Lucija Gelemova (35), and at the same time he married actress Dagmar Patras (62). The fragment did not omit the sister of Felix Anna Julia (23). With a friend Philip, they made the valley last year before Christmas. Fortunately, Annie has a new relationship since spring.


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