Monday , January 18 2021

The number of Czechs infected with HIV continues to grow, five times more men than women

VZP reports a significant increase in the number of HIV-positive among its customers. Last year, there were 1,811 of them, almost 27 percent. More than five years ago. Men predominate, the increase in the number of infected was twice as fast as in women.

Overall, HIV is five times more positive for men than for women. This is due to the statistics published by the insurance company. Costs are also growing rapidly, compared to 2015, they were 54.5 percent higher last year.

“The average cost of treating one patient is 220,000,” VZP said, adding that it had released the AIDS Day figures. It falls on Tuesday, December 1. Last year, treatment of the infected by the insurance company cost a total of almost 400 million kronor.

“HIV infection spreads to all age groups. Last year, 67 children under 19 were positive, the oldest was over 90. More than half of those infected, or 64%, were between the ages of 30 and 49, ”the insurance company said.

Number of HIV-infected VZP clients and costs of their treatment in 2015-2019:

HIV in the Czech Republic according to VZP - 3

The number of VZP clients with HIV and the costs of their treatment in 2019 by region:

HIV in the Czech Republic according to VZP - 4

The number of people infected with HIV is growing worldwide despite a long-lasting awareness campaign about how to protect yourself from the virus. It causes AIDS for which there is still no cure. However, there is an effective therapy that can at least slow down the disease.

“Anyone who thinks they may have been infected should be tested. HIV antibodies usually develop two to five weeks after infection, so if the test is to be truly reliable it has to be about three months after risky behavior. ‘ Calls on VZP.

The examination can be arranged by a general practitioner, it is also possible to perform an anonymous examination. Results are usually delivered within two weeks, and in some cases the test may be paid for by your insurance company.

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