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Tragic confession of spokesman Karel Gott: We've broken down. And then …!


Spokesman of the late Karel Gott Aneta Stolz did not have an easy life. In the past, she lost her daughter Natalka, but she was saved by Karel Gott's offer.

A spokesman for Gotta gave birth to a girl with severe disabilities and a rare disease. "We have completely reversed our lives, because instead of enjoying our child, we had to deal with quite difficult situations related to caring for a seriously disabled child," said Pravo.

Little is known about her daughter's illness. "When the doctors told us that her daughter suffered from a rare genetic disability of which she was not aware, and therefore did not know how to develop her condition, I thought that nothing worse would happen to us." she said.

"It was a difficult but beautiful eight years I will never turn back. For example, the daughter loved horses, and their presence was extremely happy and contented. And we with her "- she added.

But all worries are not over. At the age of seven, Natálki's doctors diagnosed a kidney tumor. "We fell because we knew that it would be almost impossible for her to fight cancer. And that's how it happened. My daughter died after a year's conversion and we had to gather all our strength and move on, "said Stolz.

When lightning from the clear sky came to the rescue in the form of Karel Gott. "Fortunately, we also had younger Adam who needed us. Then came the Gott family offer and it was great support for me, "she added.

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