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Unlike her daughters, Petr makes her happy, Monika Štiková boasts with Christmas decorations –

Monika Štiková (48) will soon become a triple grandmother. However, she does not enjoy the pregnancy of her daughter Ornelly (27) because they do not have a nice relationship at all, like her younger daughter Charlotte (24), who also wrote back completely. Although her daughters don’t make her happy, she can’t say the same about her bunny Peter (24) who makes her happy and even decorated her house with Christmas decorations at a home in Germany in November. The proud Monika boasted about her work on social networks, where she attacked critics of her decoration.

27. 11. 2020 21.30 | Author Veronika Dočkalová

While her daughter Ornella (27) is happy not only with her newborn son Sven (8 months), but also with another child who is waiting unplanned, her mother Monika Štiková takes care of completely different things, in the form of Christmas preparations at home . in Germany, where she moved with her bunny Peter far from everyone. Ornella has no contact with her mother Monika due to disputes, she did not contact her even when she found out that she was expecting her third offspring, and Monika learned from a friend at her third pregnancy. And she said that even the blessed condition of her daughter did not change the fact that she wanted to reconcile with her.

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Ornella Koktová did not tell her mother about the pregnancy. What did Monika Binias tell her daughter and future grandson?

It is not worth playing with Monika

Monika enjoys life far beyond the borders of her daughters and it seems that she only needs one generation younger partner Petr Binias, with whom she even prepares for Christmas.

For some, Christmas decorations are still a forbidden topic, but for Monika it is the right time. “It’s time, now the week of Advent” She wrote. She decided to show off her Christmas decorations on social networks, where in addition to praise, she also heard criticism of her taste.
“A bit tacky” one of the fans wrote. However, Monika did not like the criticism and she responded sharply “You already write about different statuses, so don’t come here to me. I am not interested in your complex at all, nor am I writing that you have thick arms and you do not need to raise them and that you have everything in one mode. So kiss your ass and focus on yourself and your life “ she said.

Please visit the gallery for which Monika has chosen this year’s Christmas decoration. Is it kitsch?


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