Tuesday , September 28 2021

What’s ugly but sells better than Xbox? Christmas sweater from the tech giant

As soon as the three sweaters with the Paint logo, Windows 95 and XP started selling, it immediately got dusty, writes Forbes magazine. The official Xbox Gear online store offers them for $ 70, or CZK 1,520, in three sizes: S, M and 3XL from December 1.

Although the price does not even include taxes and another $ 26, or about 570 kronor, the company charges for shipping to Europe, they sold out on Thursday and others will be in stock or shipped on January 29, according to the portal.

Support for non-profit organizations supporting women in IT

However, Microsoft won’t keep a sale more successful than the Xbox console. Sweater owners may also have a warm feeling that $ 20, or around 440 kronor, from each sweater sold will go to the nonprofit, Girls Who Code, which aims to reduce gender gaps in IT and support women’s education in the field. It has reached 500 million people worldwide and has helped 300,000 through its programs. Microsoft donates at least over a million crowns to it – adds Verge magazine.

Tech giants at the fashion gurus

The tech giant first started offering Ugly Sweaters to the public primarily to influencers in 2018. Last year, for example, last year’s Windows XP model was shipped in a package similar to the original boxed version of this operating system. The company could have borrowed this marketing gimmick from its former boss and co-founder Bill Gates, turned sweater guru, as did Apple’s Steve Jobs black turtleneck and Mark Zuckerberg’s gray Facebook t-shirt.

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