With a surplus of electricity from small PVs, the S-Power Bonus is very well served


Financial savings, energy self-sufficiency, environmental friendliness. These are the most common reasons why people think about acquiring solar systems. Deciding on a suitable household solar farm, it's good to focus on what happens to electricity that you do not need at home.

The solution of Bohemia Energy, in cooperation with S-Power, offers a 100% surplus from small solar power plants in April 2017. Through the product called S-Power Bonus. Now customers of Europe Europe Energy, X-Energie and Comfort Energy can also use it.

"The advantage of our solution is that if you produce more electricity than you consume, we will take it off at favorable prices and use it for other customers who consume it at the same time. We will be grateful for your delivery at the current market price, and we will store money in your customer account, "Sums up the advantages of S-Power Bonus Libor Holub, sales director of Bohemia Energy and adds:"You can also imagine that it is a virtual battery in which the supplied electricity is stored in the form of money. The advantage is that you do not have to buy a real battery. Then you can pick up the money with a simple electricity bill. However, if you want to keep electricity for as long as you need it, you can choose a solution with a battery."

Transparent purchase at wholesale prices

The S-Power Bonus product does not have a lump sum, but the price for the supplied energy, namely 300 CZK / MWh without VAT. "At the same time, customers who install a solar plant from our partner, S-Power, are two years after paying the tax-exempt service, "Adds Libor Holub." This is the most economically viable solution to the surplus energy on the market, with the advantage that the exchange is not at a fixed price, but at the market price of electricity. Usually at noon, at a time when PVP generates the largest surpluses, and people usually leave the household.

If you have a lithium battery in a PV system, you can charge PV or energy when electricity is cheap. Surpluses then go to the network when the price of electricity is highest.

The amount of surplus fees is determined on the basis of wholesale prices and the actual supply of surplus electricity produced to the grid. You get the most attractive price that can be at a given moment. You do not have to worry about it. Information on how much energy your home network has consumed, how much you will pay for it, how much electricity surplus you have provided to the seller, and how much the merchant pays you, you will learn on an ordinary monthly invoice. You do not care anymore and just enjoy the flow.

Benefits of the S-Power bonus

Price advantage: there is no fixed monthly fee, the price for using the service is consistent with the amount of energy supplied for 300 CZK / MWh without VAT. For S-Power customers, it is free for 2 years.

Lack of serviceability: the user does not have to control the "capacity" of the virtual battery, change it according to the current state and does not have to choose when using the increased capacity. Everything happens without any restrictions and it is fully automatically monthly in the electricity bill.

Highest yield: PVP, which produces the most at noon when it is usually not in household users, and the nature of the electricity price in the market, which is the highest in the summer at midday, is the highest possible efficiency.

More information about the solar solution from Bohemia Energy here.

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